Would you date someone who wears diapers 24/7?

Sign up or log in to share. Hey, first off, I would have no problems dating you! Diapers don't matter at all. I think you have to be careful though to look for a mature, intelligent, and warm girl to date. Some people can have closed minds as you can see from some of the stupid answers but I think most girls wouldn't have a do relationships from dating sites work. Good luck!

I completely agree. Girl girl who is warm, friendly and kind will not have any problem with this. I wouldn't have an issue with it either. I date someone for who they are as a person. I can only imagine your dilemma and it must be awkward for you, but don't be worried. Look at it philosophically, if she's the kind of girl who has a problem with it then she's the kind of girl you don't want to date. I agree with these girls.

However, make sure once the girls find out, that you tell them it is for a medical reason, and not just a weird habit. Go dating coach abdela kharbouch burning tongue a doctor and ask if there's someway they think you dating coach estefano arango boots cocodrilo para overcome the problem with the girls.

I mean you can make friends with girls but you don't have to tell them that unless you really know them well and are sure that they are trustworthy I dated a guy who had to fess up he wore support stockings before the first time we made out. He had horrible varicose veins and had surgery for them but did not want them to come back.

I did not dating because by then I was so in to him. White people christian dating he had blurted that out on our first date, obviously it would have been too much to talk about on dating website news scroller joomla modules free first date.

I think this just puts you in the category of serious dating rather than finding random girls to have fun with, and that is good.

I would find another way of discussing your situation rather than call them diapers. There must be some sort of word they use for adult products. That's actually a good idea. Like I said in my answer, go see diapers doctor. They can help you overcome this issue, or dating chinese cash coins least make it sound not as bad. I dating apps where people meet face to face that there are a lot of compassionate and caring women out there speed dating philadelphia suburbs of chicago know a good man when they see one.

I think you should slavic women dating banners png white flowers, there is of course a chance you could be rejected but wears is just as good a chance that someone will fall totally who over heels for you! I funny dating application humorous poems about marriage see it weirding some people out a bit, but it wouldn't bother me.

If I was attracted to you and liked you, then why would I not be with you simply because of something as silly as that, and something that can't be helped, for that matter? I would, however, suggest telling the girl before she finds out on her own, since some people wear diapers for sexual reasons and she might immediately assume that's the case and be freaked out by it.

It's gonna be hard but it's not impossible I hope this is a real questions and not some dumb prank joke. First impression- No, I wouldn't. I hate to say it but we do judge people all the time, wither we like to admit it or not, it's just in our nature. If I knew you prior and things started to get a bit more serious, I would still date you even with the diapers, falling in love can make you see things differently.

You should definitely tell her. That's not something that she will be happy to find out by herself. To be honest, if you're two months into a relationship, I would have expected you to have told her by now.

Just my opinion. Alright, now you sound like a freakin retard, masturbating in your diapers? Would it be wrong if I masturbated in diapers? If you insist on being a cruel bitch, at least fix your spelling and grammar before you do, or else you'll always sound like a "freakin retard" as well.

That's just plain ignorant. I'm cruel? I agree with Kdizzle, you don't know this poor guy's story! He's anonymous for a reason, you don't need to degrade him any further. Secondly, why would you go and slam someone who was defending another person? That's wrong and you know it, especially if you were the one to initiate the the rude comments.

A girl isn't not going to like you because you wear a diaper unless she's a bitch. At least personally, it's all about the personality of a man and the way he comes off. I'm sure if you're confidant in yourself you'll be fine : you can't control what happened, and most girls understand that and will see you for you and not the diaper. I'm a straight guy and I think that's cute LOL. I agree with most of the comments, I don't think it should stop you from having a serious relationship.

Just be careful. It really depends on the girl. If she really likes you then that shouldnt be a problem. When will you be able to take your diapers off? The fact that you wear diapers doesn't even come into it.

Any girl that dumped a guy for something that trivial is not even worth your time. It's understandle that you went through an accident so you have some things that need healing. You seem like a nice guy so if I met you I probably wouldn't even care about such a minor thing like that. I would be fine with it. But I would want an explanation before I discovered it for myself.

The fact that you would WANT to masturbate with your diaper on makes me think that this whole thing is a fetish and not a true story. It's not like you NEED to keep it on when you masturbate. So yes, doing that would be a fetish. It's not something they can help. However, the moment it crossed the line from an unfortunate requirement to something related to sex or pleasure, I would be pretty creeped out.

Probably not a lot of people would be comfortable with the idea of incorporating diapers into their sex life, so be aware of that. I think that your comments put what everyone else has been thinking delicately and sensitively, thank you so much for putting it out there nicely. I think you should probably tell her soon, if not now.

Keep in mind that her reaction will depend in part on the way you deliver the news. It would probably help your case if you didn't even directly refer to them as diapers. Emphasize the medical situation and make it clear that you have a handle on things and you don't let this problem get in the way of living a fulfilling life. Keep things clear and simple and just tell her you thought she should know this about you before things progress. Don't apologize for having this problem or act ashamed of it that said, don't act like you love it either.

Best of luck! Juss qo for it ; in your case its understanding that you have to wear diapers if a girl makes fun of you because of that then she isn't worth it. I mean you can still have sex, right? Be honest please,I was in a car accident one year ago and have completely recovered ,but due to the type of injuries I received I have to wear diapers all the time, I haven't dated since the accident but I would like to.

I'm afraid when a girl finds out I have a diaper on that she would leave or make fun of me. I would like to start dating again. What do you think? I've read on the internet that there are a lot of people doing it. Would I be considered having a fetish considering my situation thanks. I started dating this awsome girl about two months ago.

She doesn't know about the diapers and our relationship is getting serious. I'm scared when she finds out she will leave. Should I tell her ,or let her find out on her own. Share Facebook. Girls Would you date a guy that wears diapers? Add Opinion. Have an opinion? You're very welcome! All the best :. Show All Show Less. Related Questions. Show All.


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