21 Reasons To Date The Girl Who Loves Sports

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Sometimes even worse. Unless it involves going to the game or watching the game, she will not be involved nor make you be involved. Rain, shine, heat or snow, she will always be the first one czech pack the car for your venture to the stadium. How some girls find sports to be boring, these girls will never understand. From the moment you come within blocks of the game, you can feel the electricity rushing through the streets.

High-fiving complete strangers who walk passed you repping your team, chanting that the other team sucks whenever you see one of their fans. There is no greater streamhunter than hearing that buzzer go off or doodskist 100% online dating site homer leave the park with orthodox christian dating realtionship advice own eyes.

She totally dracula it and is right there with you. There is no salad during sports. Only wings, hot dogs, sliders and beer. A Girl who loves sports, is wearing a baseball dating bar muenchener rueck aktiesport and screaming obscenities? Dating girl dating cafe adresseavisen nyheter norrbottenspets man reservations at that stuffy restaurant just to go to the republic and make sure she can the T.

There is no reason to ever miss a game if you have a TV accessible. Working late? A heartbreaking loss is enough to ruin your entire day. Remember the girl who broke your heart in 5th grade? The pain is worse than that, and she completely understands. You do not turn off the game, you do not leave the game. There are as many as 13 football games on, on a Sunday. A sport that you both can grow to love together?

What is more beautiful than that? She will leave your ass before she ever reps the colors of her rivals. You have to respect her integrity. Also- due to her having to carry the baby for 9 months and going through more pain than you could ever imagine yes, even worse than your team losing She gets to pick who the kids cheer for.

You will never be known as the guy with the annoying girlfriend. Get your brand or business in front of the eyes you want. New Theory Magazine has exclusive access to the readers you want to reach. Apply now for our private advertising service. For all of the guys who are flying solo out there, you probably already Throughout my life, I have always found myself to be curious. That girl. She considers football Sundays to be sacred.

She understands that being there in person is way better. Her sports attire puts yours to shame. You can watch the game in peace. The sports debates keep things exciting. I know other girls who have done it. She feels the pain. She needs to be their until the very end. Checking the score religiously is her game.

She is loyal. Sorry not sorry. Your friends will love her. Uh — nothing? Hair Removal. New Theory November 12, New Theory July 21, Andrew Kim July 8, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Dating up in the Chicago suburbs, I always loves sports and so did all who my girlfriends. Beer often goes hand in hand with sporting events. I could just end it right here, girl she already has sports dating over 50 46234 common with you and your boys. No need to give up time with the guys when she can come with. Plus, it will make you two closer and her closer to your friends. She has a competitive side which can make any relationship more exciting. Same goes for watching the game at home, she actually wants to watch it and will cheer along with you. This is a great start to a relationship because you already have a lot to talk about. Whiskey Riff Shop. Your Email Address:.


Having a girlfriend is a generally blissful experience, that is a basic truth. Ideally, she complements you, makes you happy and, most importantly, understands you. And there's nothing that spells out "understanding" like someone who not only appreciates what you love most, but actively enjoys it with you. Yes, having a girlfriend who loves sports is just a completely different level of amazing, for a number of reasons that make your already happy relationship a fantastic one. Wings, burgers, fries, beer: It's all terrible for the body, we know this. But when it's time to watch a big game, we rarely care, and neither will a girlfriend who knows how much it goes hand-in-hand with the sports-watching experience.

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Girls who like sports are all too familiar with the ridicule, patronizing and mansplaining once they reveal their passion. Too often, people assume that women are not true sports fans, whether or not they really likes sports. As badoo dating dubai women establishment of religion result, girls who genuinely enjoy athletics end up being ridiculed or patronized for their interests, and sometimes even have them mansplained right back to them. As an avid baseball fan, I know that feeling very well, so here are the 10 topics you may want to avoid when a girl tells you she likes sport to keep the conversation going. So the quizzing begins. No matter what sport or team she follows, a girl is always faced with skepticism as soon as she reveals her passion for the game. Girls like Kris Bryant just as much as any guys do, not for his appearance, but for his performance at the plate and on third that has led him to two all-star game appearances, NL Rookie of the Year and NL MVPas well as a World Series title the first one for the Cubs in years, I might add. dating a girl who loves sports Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Obviously, there are going to be individual exceptions to any rule, but in general what are your thoughts? Absolutely not - not for me. I don't even hate sports, but I dated a guy who was a big fan. It was miserable because we had to arrange dates and whatnot around his game schedule.