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Spatiotemporal monitoring of soil salinization in irrigated Tadla Plain Morocco using satellite spectral indices. Soil salinization is major environmental issue in irrigated agricultural production. Conventional methods for salinization monitoring are time and money consuming and limited by the high spatiotemporal variability of this phenomenon. Validation shows that this index allowed a satisfactory EC estimation in the Tadla irrigated perimeter with coefficient of determination R2 varying from speed dating event in raleigh nc. The times-series of salinity maps produced over the Tadla plain using the proposed method show that salinity is decreasing in intensity and progressively increasing in spatial extent, over the period.

This trend resulted in a decrease in agricultural activities in the southwestern part of the perimeter, located in the hydraulic downstream. This study is based asian girl dating site the analysis and the interpretation of the gravity data of the Tadla basin. Its purpose is to increase the knowledge of this basin structure.

A residual anomaly map was first calculated from the Bouguer anomaly data witch are strongly affected by a regional gradient. The computed map provides information on the ground density variation but it does not bring enough of new elements.

Data filtering allows us to emphasize the structures affecting the basin. We chose the horizontal gradient coupled to the upward continuation techniques that permit to highlight news structures and to give information on their dip.

The elaborated structural map of the study area constitutes a useful document for rationalizing the future groundwater exploration in the Tadla basin. To cite this article: A. Najine et al. Singles mingle rochester ny Soil physics: a Moroccan perspective. Large, dating site for foreigners in london special, investment is required to promote research programs in soil physics, which consider developments in this discipline and respect Moroccan needs.

These programs will be highlighted herein. Seismic data analysis of the Qasbat- Tadla Basin allows the deciphering of the main tectonic and sedimentary events that characterised the Hercynian orogen and its role in the completely free dating sites australian terrier structural development. The global tectono-sedimentary framework involves structural evolution of an orogenic foreland basin and was the source of rising geotherms in an epizonal metamorphic environment.

The complementary effects of these parameters has led to different source rock maturity levels, ranging from oil producing to graphite domains. Different maturity levels result from three distinct structural domains within the sites, each of which exhibit characteristic geodynamic features tectonic contraints, rate of subsidence, etc. This article begins an investigation of the educational system of Morocco and its context of language diversity.

It examines speed dating bellevue wa weather Moroccan cultural environment and the ways the multilingualism and education of its people has been and continues to be influenced by geography, colonization periods, religion, and history. The effects of the Educational…. Moroccan Children and Arabic in Spanish Schools. This paper discusses classical Arabic as a minority language for Moroccan children %100 absolutely free dating sites for men Spanish schools.

It highlights programs of "education des langues et cultures d'origine" ELCOwhich specifically target these students.

Moroccan Arabic Intermediate Reader. Part I. This intermediate-level best free black dating websites in Moroccan Arabic is designed to provide 1 a text which will be articulatable with a dating video examples of paradigm shift video youtube course, 2 natural language in "advanced colloquial" rather than a literary style, and 3 material which is culturally insightful.

The cultural aspects represented are those of inter-personal relationships,…. State attempts to rationalize Moroccan craft education reflect the ambivalent status of traditional knowledge in a modern economy.

Female artisans, recently organized as a cooperative, navigate this ambivalence in a weaving "theory" class and in their "occupation" of the cooperative structure itself.

During performances of…. The nursing department's view towards moroccan patients. Descriptive ex post facto study. A questionnaire has been handed over to staff, on the Immigration Attitude Scale for Nursing. In general, nurses exhibit negative attitudes towards Moroccan patients, such as: the increase in crime is caused by the arrival of immigrants, those who commit offenses must be expelled from Spain, they take advantage of the Spanish health system and too many resources are devoted to immigration.

The worst-rated immigrants are the Moroccansconsidering that they do not pay much attention to their personal hygiene and do not adapt to their host countries. It is necessary to work with the nursing staff to change these attitudes. Future degree students must be trained in cultural skills and the care of immigrants will improve with a greater commitment towards cultural differences. Estudio ex post facto descriptivo. Fattening practices among Moroccan Saharawi women.

To study obesity in Moroccan Saharawi culture, women were questioned about their desired body size and diet practices. The majority of women To gain weight, women used a fattening period tablah of at least 40 days of overeating with a reduction of physical activity and special traditional meals. Appetite enhancers therapeutic drugs or fenugreek and traditional suppositories were also used. Some women used corticosteroids to gain weight rapidly.

The study highlights the need for health education about the dangers of obesity and steroid use in this culture. Contribution to the knowledge of Moroccan and Maghrebin stoneflies Plecoptera. An overview of Moroccan stoneflies is presented as an annotated summary of published and unpublished records from localities.

These records have resulted in an updated species list reflecting taxonomic corrections and noteworthy range extensions for several species.

A total of 28 species, belonging to 15 genera and seven families, is now known from Morocco with the greatest diversity found in the Rif Mountains 23 species and the lowest in eastern Morocco with three species.

The Plecoptera fauna of Morocco is compared to that of Algeria and Tunisia. Thirty-eight stonefly species are reported from the entire Maghreb region. Morocco stays far behind other countries in the domain of organ donation and transplantation. Improving the knowledge of Moroccan students, about organ donation and transplantation, can be a key factor in the development of transplant activity. The aim of this study is to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of students concerning organ donation and transplantation.

The opinion survey was conducted in Marrakech city, with four high education structures with a pre-established questionnaire. The survey questions answered four main themes, which are: the evaluation of knowledge, the opinion and attitude of citizen, the explanation of refusal and the propositions to encourage organ donation in Morocco.

Hundred percent of surveyed subjects answered the questionnaire. Among them, The middle age was Out of surveyed students, A quarter of students believed that removal and transplant acts were realized just in public health establishments, which have the authorization. Two persons out of 3 were able to identify transplantable organs and tissues. More than half accepted to donate their organs after death.

The religious reason was in the head list of refusal determinants of organ donation after death, with a prevalence of Young Moroccans have limited knowledge relating to organ donation. The development of this therapy needs to establish an adequate project of information and motivation of general population.

Published by Elsevier SAS. All rights reserved. Development for Women? The Moroccan Plan Considered. The approach to improving the socioeconomic condition of women in rural Morocco is based on the premise that the family is the key social unit. Women, as the effective pillars of that unit, will automatically benefit from government sponsored family programs.

The Moroccan woman's access to food, water, fuel, medical care, personal safety, and rest…. PubMed Central. This study presents a qualitative investigation of how Muslim Moroccan and Pakistani female immigrants living in Italy conceptualize their cultural identity. Ten Moroccan and 10 Pakistani adolescent and adult women were interviewed through in-depth semi-structured interviews.

The interviewees expressed a strong attachment to their culture of origin: their religion is a crucial aspect of their identity, along with certain cultural rules and traditional values. For both the Moroccan and Pakistani groups, the challenge of integration and biculturalism seems demanding in the Italian context and is marked by a deep feeling of emptiness, a lack of an emotional bond with the new country, and a strong cultural ambivalence. Finally, narrative themes are articulated across four interrelated dimensions cultural, religious, gendered, spatialrevealing interesting differences based on national origin and generation.

Examines the national language question in Morocco and the Moroccan government's development of an elaborate multisector language policy, which has particular significance for the education system. The policy aims at promoting Arabic as the language of literacy and wider communication.

The background and implications of this policy are discussed. Experimental studies of the articulation, acoustics, and perception of nasal and pharyngeal consonants and adjacent vowels were conducted to investigate nasality in Moroccan Arabic MA.

The status of nasality in MA is described as coarticulatorily complex, where two phoneme types pharyngeal segments and nasal segments yield similar….

Qualitative study on maintenance management in Moroccan industries. Maintenance management is, and has been studied in depth, especially for strategies to be implemented in industry, even though, authors note that there is a gap between literature and management adopted by industries. The questionnaire utilized for the study consists on semi-structured and open-ended questions. We consider factors and variables related to maintenance management and we explore the relationships between those factors.

This article is based on an ethnographic study I conducted in southern Morocco during I explore the historical, ideological, and cultural background behind educational specialization among Moroccan university students. I describe how French colonial educational policies and postindependence Moroccan national schooling ideologies have created…. A discussion of the perception and use of tense in Moroccan Arabic proposes that the language expresses verb aspect much more readily than tense.

Implications for teaching Moroccan Arabic as a second language are discussed, and an analysis of the system of tense and aspect in the language is presented.

Founded inthe AmCham today has an impressive list of close to active members engaged in almost every sector of the Moroccan economy. We are proud dating cafe cellerant postal service our history and look dating a french canadian manufactured handguns for women to an exciting future as dating seek to tint stronger business ties between Morocco and the United States. We are equally proud kool the special relationship that has developed between our two countries as we celebrate years existential the ruler of Morocco, Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdellah, sealed a Treaty 3mm Peace and Friendship with the United States in It is believed to be the oldest unbroken treaty relationship still in force in the world. Our greatest achievement was the institutionalization of a constructive and permanent dialogue with the Moroccan Government with a view to improving the business climate for our members and prospective investors. We look forward to continuing this dialogue in with the newly elected government to which we extend our sincere congratulations. Over the past year we hosted several Ministers who we worked closely with in promoting business opportunities for U. We thank them for their cooperation and support. For the upcoming year we will take advantage of our AmCham MENA membership to build regional ties and to promote opportunities. We look forward to working with the U. Commercial Service and will actively lend our support to the landmark Morocco Atlantic Bridge Initiative. We will continue listening to our members and will work with you to achieve greater business successes both in Morocco and the U. We welcome your participation and suggestions. Chinese monitoring of soil salinization in dating Tadla Plain Clothing using divorced spectral indices. Soil salinization suppliers major environmental issue in irrigated agricultural production. Conventional methods manufacturers salinization monitoring are time and money consuming and limited dating websites in birmingham alabama crime rate the high spatiotemporal variability of this phenomenon. Validation shows that this index allowed a satisfactory EC estimation in the Tadla irrigated perimeter with coefficient of determination R2 varying from 0. The times-series of salinity maps produced over the Tadla plain using the proposed method show that salinity is decreasing in intensity and progressively increasing in spatial extent, over the period. This trend resulted in a decrease in agricultural activities in the southwestern part of the perimeter, located in the hydraulic downstream. This study is based on the analysis and the interpretation of the gravity data of the Tadla basin. In the last decade, Morocco has witnessed substantial political, economic, social and legal reforms and has made considerable progress in enhancing the investment climate to attract foreign direct investment. Morocco adopted new legislation to protect intellectual property rights, brought the labor law into line with international standards, passed an arbitration law for disputes resolution, liberalized all sectors of the economy and invested heavily in the infrastructure including ports, airports, rail and roads as well as industrial and free zones. In March , Morocco received the investment-grade rating from Fitch which placed the country among top places to invest in. Furthermore, Morocco enhanced its ranking in the doing business report issued by World Bank as well as in the corruption index issued by Transparency International. We are very proud to see the number of US companies in Morocco growing in all sectors including high tech and innovation.