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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Google 3. The examples were, therefore, not written to exemplify tks rules, but are tilie natural expreaaions of men who bad no expectation of their words' being used for snoh a purpose. Antliority rolume and pa,ge can be adduced for ereiy Hindi sentence here printed.

Four or five sentences in this book may be pronounced Tulgar, and even accounted un grammatical ; but it seema undesiTable to ignore undoubted facts, in a work pro- fessing to teooh, not what an unsettled language ought to be, but what it really is. Furthermore, the student's attention is directed to all deviations from approved usage by the words " occasional " or " rare. As might be expected, there are varieties in the disney dating site news leaderboards overwatch league nunciation of Hindi, not only acqprding to the place in which it is spoken, but according to the bumble dating app icons iphone control and edu- cation of the individual speaker.

When to give out phone number dating apps transliteration here given is what ita name imports; but the student must not be surprised to hear the vulgar in India employ forma of words which differ from this standard.

Tnlgsf Forma. It is original throughout ; with all the incidenta, good and bad, of originality. In it will be found points of idiom now noticed for the first time. The treatment of the Verb and its nnmeroua compound tenaee is novel; the aame remark applies to such sub- jects as the ParticipleB, Emphasis, Ellipsis, and the Be- petition of Words ; and an attempt is made, as far as space permitted, to give due prominence to the important sabject of Nominal Verbs.

By the favour of Dr. Leitner I am able to give a verj complete list of Colours. Actual pieces of djed fabric with the native names attached have enabled me to compile this list with the facts before my face. Practical utility has been studied, even in the Exercises, by selecting some to illustrate Indian ideas and cus- tome, and otiiers to show how English commercial and scientific ideas are rendered in Hind!.

The Classified Idiomatic Sentences require only the introduction of explanatory paragraphs, to become a long treatise on Hindi Syntax. The Student is counselled to refer to the Addenda before commencing his studies, bo bb to introduce the additional matter there given in the proper places.

Although I claim originality for the matter of this Manual, I do not intend any disrespect to my prede- cessors. On the contrary, it is a simple duty, on my part, to acknowledge the benefit I have derived from the able and masterly works of Mr. Hall, Mr. Beames, Dr. Hoemle, and the Bev. These scholars have all been pioneers in their respective departments of the subject ; and I freely acknowledge my indebted- nesa to their works. Fltzedward Hall, D.

The able Persian Header at Oxford, J. Platta, Esq. These advantages hare given to my Mannal a finish and a correctness which it would not, otherwise, have possessed.

PABT I. AoquiBitiTea, Ac. Domestio Belationahip Eating and Drinkiiig. Visiting Money Number and Quantity. Buying and Selling Travelling. PART I. The alphabet is simple, methodical, and legible; and is admirably adapted to the needs of the Hind! Beeldee the foregoiag, a dot ' is used to expresB the naaal twang frequently recurring! There is no non-initial form for short a, because every consonant, simple or compound, is supposed to be fol- lowed hj short a, unlesB some other vowel is attached to it.

The letter r, however, undergoes change of shape when in combination. The coneonaate are Bounded aa in English, with the following exceptions : — The dentala are much more dental than in English ; the teeth should be diBtinctly touched in their pronunciation. The linguala are more akia to the English dentala; and, in fact, English worda containing and d are written with lingual letters by Hindus. To pronounce the linguals properly the tongue must be ufted higher and further back againat the roof of the mouth than ia customary in Engiiah, and this gives to these lettera a aomewhat hollow sound.

The Hindi ah ia lingual and requires the tongue to be lifted well to the roof of Uie mouth. The pronunciation of the four n's need cause no trouble. PiSiCtically the dental n is very common ; the lingual n occasionoUj occurs ; the others are rare.

Tbe nasal of most frequent recurrence, and the sound which gives a peculiar tone to tbe whole language, ia termed anundnk, and is given bj passing a vowel sound through the nose, just as the French pronounce Buch words as ban, " good. A vet stronger nasali- zation is called anuewdr, found in such words as ani, " share," bdnh, " arm. A most important peculiarity of the NAgari alphabet remains to be noticed, viz. These do not differ in kind from the non-aspirates, but only in inteamiy.

In pronouncing them, the letter h, which ia connected with each of tiiem in the Boman character, must not be, in the least, separated from the letters themselves, but must be understood simply as a symbol indicating intensity in sounding the letters. In Hindi every letter should be fnlly and clearly pro- nounced, no letter being clipped short, ss is sometimec done in English. When a letter is doubled, it must be fully sounded twice; aspattan, "a city" prom, pat-tan.

EiirQi ]u. As an exercise in pronunciation learn to carefully dis- tinguaBh. H ' y U'l parnd, to fall. The Eiercises given further on will serve as eiamplen of transliteration, and for practice in pronunciation.

With respect to Accent it may be remarked that there- is no general rule for accentuating any particular syllable i practice in apealdng wUl rectifv any improprieties. Imperative of the other ; thuB, min'k, " heard," but sund', " do thou cause to be heard " i. There are but two genders in Hindi, the masculine and feminine ; and there is no mle by which words of the one class can be readily distinguished from words of the other.

The gender of some substantives is necessarily decided by the sense; as mdnus, "a man," ttri, "a woman. This uncertainty affects all languages which, like the French, have but two genders. Some Hindi words are both masculine and feminine; some have recently changed their genders; and some e. A few nouns deviate slightly ; thus, befd, " a son," he befd, " son! Thus : — ghord, a horae. Sinft- Nom. W dAit,eii. The following reject the final on adding the plnml affix:— Horn. Genitiro Plural.

Adjectives generally are uninflected, and are simplj placed before uie substantiTes they qnaUfy, as in English. A few adjectives may be fonned by adding bhar, "full," to nouna; as, rat ho nmdbhar tona, nahin fniltdy "sound sleep is not obtained at night.

Adjectives denoting " deprivation " or " non-posses- sion " are formed by the addition of hva, to substantives. Comparieon of Adjectives. The Comparative is rendered by the ablative case ia connection with an adjective, there being no injlexions in.

The words aur and adJiik are used in the sense of " more " in forming comparatiTes ; thus, wah is se adhik bhdri hai, " that is much heavier than this," yah aur burd hai, " this is worse " i. An elegant method of forming the comparative is bj the aid of the word apekahd, " comparison " ; thus, wah bdyu Jei wpekthd acStilt hatufd ho jdtd hai, " that is becoming colder than the air " lU.

The cumulative comparative is eKpreased by the continuative verb ; thus, wah din din iora hotd ja. Sometimes the locative is brought into use instead of the ablative ; thus, in pefoii vien bard yahi hai, " this is the greatest of these trees " in such sentences, however, vun is the equivalent of the English "among ".

Sometimes the emphatic hi is employed instead of the ablative; thus, bahut hi burd, "the worst" e. IS bahvt Mpde he ethdn, "the places qalto near to tbe pole," Ut. The repetition of die adjective has, at times, a siisilar meaning; e. Berersing the position of the adverbial prefix intensi- fies the meaning; thus, bahut gakra means "very deep," but gahrd bahut means " exceedingly deep.

The peraonftl pronouns are declined as follows : — Sing. Aom ee, hamon ee, from ns.

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