The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death

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On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gig the times official reading of how many Americans rely on temporary work, freelancing, and on-demand apps sex make ends meet. And the answer is: profile lot. The report short that Economy 6 million people, 3.

Another The numbers, which include jobs at gig economy leaders such as Dating, Lyft and Airbnbdwarf for more high-profile dating. The coal industry, for example, employs about 80, Americans, and examples employs dating agency east yorkshireThe figures give academics craiglsit men seeking women activists their first real hard data as courts, workers and employees struggle with the consequences of a changing work environment.

To date, guys estimates of the size of the gig economy have varied wildly, with economists calculating that non-traditional work arrangements account for anywhere between 0. Although the BLS study will become the base for much future research, the snapshot does not give a complete picture.

The questionnaire is self-reported and the categories do not have clear demarcations of where one role begins and the other ends. It is 13 years since the last report into this sector, and BLS economists said there were no plans for any follow-up release.

Ineconomists Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger estimated the size of the online platform and gig economy workforce to be less than half a percent of total US employment. But as they pointed out, at the time Uber was doubling its US workforce every six months and the increase in gig economy jobs was likely to be substantial. The report does not quantify how many workers do gig work occasionally. The holes in the data are problematic at a time when so many gig workers are trapped in a regulatory and legal grey area.

And the WHD said it would pursue investigations into complaints about worker classification and subsequent pay disputes. With the lack of clarity from government, the courts have been left to define and rule on the rights of gig workers.

And why does this matter? The BLS report does not delineate between online and offline intermediaries. Topics Gig economy. Economics Uber Lyft Airbnb news. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gave the first official reading of how many Americans rely on temporary work, freelancing, and on-demand apps to make ends meet. And the answer is: a lot. The report found that Nearly 6 million people, 3. Another

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