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An afterparty will follow, just down the street at the Stone Pony. Reader Bob Capella wrote to fill us in on the new issue of Detective Comics, released yesterday. In issue of the long-running Batman title, writer Peter J. Capella describes the action: "The Joker challenges Batman to come to their 'Favorite Amusement Park by the Sea,' where the Joker is holding parkgoers and vendors hostage with venom-releasing necklaces shaped like none other than Tilly.

When Batman finally appears, it's in front of a wall painting of Tilly, in the classic color scheme from Asbury's Palace Amusements — a nice full-page piece of artwork.

Joker also appreciates the seaside resurgence as much as anyone: 'Doesn't the park look great? They spruced it up since the last time we were here, like new! Look for further easter eggs, like Batman's fortune from a boardwalk fortune-telling machine: "Hearts of Fire Grow Cold.

After a recent viewing of Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock 'n' RollWolff shared with us his perspective on the documentary's version of history. Asbury Park: Springsteen: America. You can switch the order if you want, but that's the equation. And it's not by accident.

Inwhen James Bradley founded Asbury Park, he conceived of the little New Jersey shore town as an all-American vacation land with all-American values. And for the first two-thirds of the speed dating in san antonio for black singles, it gives us valuable American history. Most importantly, it includes the city's West Side as a key element in the story. When Bradley bought a mile of Jersey shore and filled it with streets, hotels, churches, the half mile west of that, inshore and across the tracks, became home to the people who maintained those institutions: African Americans, Italians, Jews who ran the dating blenheim nz pubsubdomain, dug the ditches, cleaned the hotel rooms.

It was a service economy before the term had been invented, and the film points out that the West Side developed its own culture, separate and unequal. Focusing mainly on music, Asbury Park highlights dating balinese mandalas faciles en los animales that hosted African American jazz and blues.

While tourists from the shore found their way west for the hot music, boardwalk clubs — and the boardwalk itself — was white only. Bradley explained it as tamil dating friends network sites business decision: he wouldn't let Italian immigrants on the beach, either, or "any impecunious internet dating jokes for best man speech. The film's version of history leaves out the presence of the KKK in Asbury to jump to the early '70s and the Upstage Club, where white and black musicians jammed together.

The Upstage was a fragile outpost: African Americans like David Sancious made it eastward across the tracks, but they were exceptions to the city's rule of segregation, which extended from the random dating jacksonville fl zip code to the public schools.

Then, the film claims, it all martha stewart dating rappers tattoos bad. According to an accompanying press release, "Asbury Park erupted in flames during a summer of civil unrest, crippling the town for the next 45 years and reducing it to a state dating hendersonville tncompass accountability urban blight.

All make an effort to understand the decades of neglect that led up to people burning their own neighborhood. In the end, it looks and sounds more like rebellion than riot. As the film illustrates, if there was a riot in Asbury Park, it was by state troopers, who ran amuck with tear gas and rifle fire, brutally defending the white boardwalk and business section.

But it's wrong to say that's what crippled the city. Springsteen made a career chronicling the forces that emptied cities across America between the s and the s. In "My Hometown," he dating tonight nycha application print that "fights between the black and white" were part of the problem, but they're also "closing down the textile mill.

The "redemption" in the film's subtitle hinges on music. The upbeat last part of the movie has the LGBQT community moving into the wrecked city, clubs re-opening, kids going to rock 'n' roll school.

There's even an occasional music secret online dating sites on the West Side.

The result is today's "new" Asbury Park: upscale restaurants, multi-million dollar penthouse apartments, condominiums. Fade to a nostalgic reunion concert where Springsteen, Van Zandt, Lyon and others play together at the end of the boardwalk.

Except more than 30 percent of the present population of Asbury Park is living below the poverty line. That's about three times the national average. From the Hispanic families in apartments over Main Street to African American families proudly trying to get by in their West Side homes, the "redemption" has bypassed those most in need. The new Asbury looks a lot like Bradley's original vision of the city. A single man no longer owns the shoreline, but a single developer effectively does.

As agents sell condos by lauding the city's rich musical history, it's become harder and harder for young musicians to afford to live there. For all its evocative history and the well-meaning participation of locals and stars, Asbury Park blurs reality to get to its happy ending. The city today looks like the nation does: a tiny percentage of people control most of the wealth, while promising that someday it will trickle down — or, in this case, trickle inland.

If we still believe in a different promised land — the one the best of Asbury's music evokes — we need to have an accurate picture of where we are now and how we got here. The equation — and the challenge — still hold. Nine years later, Zimny will return with his latest film: Western Stars, co-directed with Bruce Springsteen.

The performance documentary runs 83 minutes; as described on the festival website : "The incomparable Bruce Springsteen performs his critically acclaimed latest album and muses on life, rock, and the American dream, in this intimate and personal concert film co-directed by Thom Zimny and Springsteen himself. Visit tiff. All previously purchased tickets remain valid for admission to the new venue, and tickets still can be purchased for tomorrow night's screening.

And what if "drive all night" is in fact a euphemism for…. Given the vivid characters and stories that run and drive through Bruce's catalogue, with narratives bursting beyond the brevity of a three-minute record, it's shocking that his canon hasn't resulted in a preponderance of fan-fiction.

When the Promise Was Broken is here to fill the void, with a more professional package than we've come to expect from the genre. Editor Joan Herrington, chair of the Theatre Department at Western Michigan University, wrangled an array of playwrights, all at various points in their careers, to respond to one of Bruce's songs in whatever fashion they so desired — a deliberately vague prompt that basically granted free rein.

If staged as some of them were earlier this year at Union Collegethe plays would be about ten minutes long individually, featuring from one to six actors a majority fall on the smaller end of the spectrum… and of course there's a Mary!

With its intimate humanism, the bedrock of much dramatic writing, Nebraska is unsurprisingly the most represented album in the collection "State Trooper" rounds out this melancholic trio. Perhaps that's the reason that, despite moments of levity, When the Promise Was Broken can be a depressing read. Only two plays dabble in the comedic.

They also happen to be the most overtly navel-gazing — which, in my book, is not a pejorative — delving into how Bruce's music influenced the playwrights. The title of the first describes itself better than I ever could: "a semi-autobiographical response to feelings of sexual inadequacy prompted by repeatedly listening to Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm on Fire' over and over for four hours straight — by Gregory Moss.

And the second comes closest to retelling the original song's plot on stage, translating the musical language of "Growin' Up" into a visually theatrical vernacular to juxtapose Bruce's childhood with how it colored the author's upbringing. A handful comment on Springsteen's macro themes, narratives, and thematic narratives.

Others update his treatment of sociopolitical issues for ; toxic masculinity — a concept that's turned up in his writing since long before the phrase entered the popular lexicon — is a frequent focus here, though many of the plays still center on the male experience. These tales feel like they exist in the same artistic world Bruce has been building throughout his career a Springsteen Extended Universe! The SEU! They populate familiar Springsteenian haunts of Americana — bars, cars, and cathedrals.

And our brief time with them strikes Bruce's sweet spot: specific enough to resonate deeply, but not too specific as to inhibit anyone's entry in; maintaining a universality that should be able to speak to most people on some level, while not so universal as to become uselessly general. As with Bruce's oeuvre, figuring out how the plays might fit together to form a larger, interwoven mosaic of joint-meaning — where the whole is greater than the sum of its disparate-yet-cohesively-connected parts — remains open to endless interpretation.

To me, this tapestry explores, from a variety of angles, the interrelated concepts of what we leave behind, and what lingers with us forever. What do we do with the histories — personal, familial, communal, societal, environmental, political, etc.

When the Promise Was Broken posed a variation of that question to its playwrights, and the plays constitute their answers: how do we handle the history Bruce has left us in his songs? For those of us who've been shaped by them, making further sense of his music can help us in turn make further sense of ourselves, and each other.

The cause was worthy — expanding awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on the tour for Amnesty International — but as these things tend to go, there were collateral outcomes. One of which was to captivate and expose Bruce Springsteen fans to the infectious, multi-cultural music of South Africa's "White Zulu," a.

Johnny Clegg. From the time he was 12 years old, Clegg, who died Tuesday of pancreatic cancer, had crossed the line between blacks and whites in the very heart of the apartheid nation, becoming a symbol of hope and resistance through the power of music.

RIP Johnny Clegg. One of the greatest artists of South Africa and the world. Musa Ukungilandela by his band Juluka is one of the great albums of all time. He was a great friend when I needed one during my Sun City research. His use of Zulu influenced me to use it in Pretoria. Freehold is Springsteen's original hometown, as he recalled so evocatively in Springsteen on Broadway, and the exhibit's unveiling will coincide with the centennial of Freehold Borough.

Memorabilia and artifacts on display will include:. The exhibition will open on September 29, and run through Fall But hey, we can pick those nits later if need be. It is, as they say, an honor to be nominated — congratulations to Bruce Springsteen, Thom Zimny, and everyone else who worked to bring Springsteen on Broadway from stage to screen.

Listen here:. Only 65, Henke died after a long struggle with dementia. It was during Henke's term as curator at the Hall of Fame that the exhibit Bruce Springsteen: From Asbury Park to the Promised Land had an immensely successful run of almost two years in Cleveland, beginning infollowed by another successful run at Philadelphia's National Constitution Center in Henke pictured above speaking at the NCC conducted an extensive interview with Springsteen that centered around the exhibit's artifacts, audio excerpts of which could be heard at listening stations during the exhibit's Cleveland run.

Jim generously allowed Backstreets to publish a transcript of that interview in full, which appeared in issue Henke also was the author of 's Human Rights Now! Click here to read the Rolling Stone obituary for Jim Henke, which outlines many more of his notable accomplishments as author, editor and curator.

We at Backstreets extend our deepest condolences to all who knew and loved Jim, as we remember and appreciate his kindness towards us. After a bit of chat about playing with Garry Tallent on Saturday night, Springsteen made some news: "We made a film of the Western Stars album," he said, likely explaining the performance footage we've seen in Thom Zimny's recent videos for "Tucson Train" and "Western Stars.

It was a great time, we look forward to getting it to fans when we can. As for Western StarsSpringsteen is not only "really proud" of the album itself, he's also excited by the response it's gotten: "Because I thought the record was a little off to the left, and I really didn't know what kind of response it was gonna get Seeing how the record was received, it was very exciting, and it made us look for how we could further that experience for the fans, without going out and playing live right now — because I'm still working on some other things, too.

Springsteen expressed a deep appreciation for his "great audience," one that "really follows me where I need to go They're not stuck in a rut, they don't only want to hear a specific group of songs, they're really adventurous — if I keep the quality of what I'm doing up, they're adventurous as far as where I want to go.

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Game shows continue their strong run in the early part of the summer, jenny mccarthy dating chicago bear ABC and Fox leading Thursday's ratings. Holey MoleyCurry's extreme miniature golf competition, delivered a 1. The rest of ABC's Thursday premieres didn't perform quite as well. Fox led primetime among adults with a 0. CBS and Telemundo tied for third at 0. NBC, which aired repeats, and Univision also tied at 0. The CW trailed with a 0. Original Article. Giving viewers a sneak peek at the unique course, the promo begins by highlighting some of its most extreme features, which range from a hole located on a spinning platform, a series of spinning windmills, and an elevated and nearly vertical loop.

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Thailand Thailand Vietnam Vietnam. News Events Publications. User name: Please enter a user name Password: Stay signed in on this computer. Forgotten password. To register for access to Technical Literature and Manuals, please click Subscribe. Call me back. Search for:. An afterparty will follow, just down the street at the Stone Pony. Reader Bob Capella wrote to fill us in on the new issue of Detective Comics, released yesterday. In issue of the long-running Batman title, writer Peter J. Capella describes the action: "The Joker challenges Batman to come to their 'Favorite Amusement Park by the Sea,' where the Joker is holding parkgoers and vendors hostage with venom-releasing necklaces shaped like none other than Tilly. When Batman finally appears, it's in front of a wall painting of Tilly, in the classic color scheme from Asbury's Palace Amusements — a nice full-page piece of artwork. Joker also appreciates the seaside resurgence as much as anyone: 'Doesn't the park look great?