Online Romance Scams Are Fleecing More Americans

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This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Beware of the scammers and the profiles that are no longer active 3 - 6 months and beyondthat top interracial dating apps sent to you weekly as "matches.

Please know I am dating cafe abmelden linkedin login issues second a bitter person or unattractive. Truly, experience CM on your own and see what type of experience you have. Very very disappointed. And as always, be very careful about giving out personal information, because they will ask all the time.

It took 2 days to get my picture and profile approved. Any changes in the future will also take a couple days. The fake profiles are very crafty and now look like regular people. All say they will relocate and have exotic sounding jobs. It is a sin for this type of criminal josh gates dating jael de pardo boyfriend gifts to try to lure people who are honest and looking for companionship.

This site has no method of verification of identity. Created a profile and submitted four photos for it. All were compliant with their requirements but my last photo was rejected. It is a picture of me in a modest polka dot top that buttons up to my throat, black pants, and heals.

I was on my way out to dinner with my family. I am not posing but simply standing in my every day stance. I have a big toothy smile on my face so it's not even that stupid pouty mouth that everyone does because they think it somehow makes them look sexy. Meanwhile, dozens of male profiles I have looked at are of them shirtless on the beach wearing shorts I wonder if I could get away with that on my profile??? As if I was sent an email informing me that this particular picture was rejected and if I'd like further explanation I could email and ask why.

I emailed. I never heard back. This is clearly discrimination for being thin, attractive, and female. This dating site is all a scam. All you get is inquiring people from out of state, which turn out to be scams Customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. Will not refund even a portion. Same people are on from your own state, that never changes, I believe they are fake people. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Christian Mingle is too expensive.

I called about an issue with my account in which I had been a paid customer a few times. The representative could not internet dating forums relationships synonym me and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, the agent came back on the phone said that the supervisor will not come to the phone unless I submit a copy of my ID, utility bill dating a lebanese girl dancer with backwards foot. I just recently read that Christian Mingle must repay back by 1 million to customers in whom they renewed their accounts without permission.

I realized I am one of those customers who had the disputed a couple of years ago. Is this what Christianity is about? Scamming people? At least prorate the services, if someones pays for 6 months and leaves sometime in between give some kind of refund, they give nothing back!

Sad how they are using religion to cash in money from good people, stay away, better use the other free apps and deal with more work than getting scammed like this financially.

I joined CM hoping to meet like minded woman. Unfortunately there are more fake members and scammers than real ones. This could be a great site if there were any management that would care enough to review new members. I feel like I got totally ripped. I joined Christian Mingle in early January and have gotten mostly fake profile "smiles" that were removed, and from people hundreds of miles away from me.

Only a couple of contacts were in my area. I also had a conversation with what turned out to be a hacked profile. The person I was talking with was very impatient. Wanted my phone right away, which was very odd. This dating site has a LOT of troubles with fake profiles. Don't waste your money like I did. I originally signed up for six months which was the best deal, and happily I was able to get a partial refund. Enjoy my money, CM. You won't be in business very long without any real subscribers.

Folks, join a bigger dating site and just state in your profile that you're a Christian and looking for the same. Best wishes to all. After doing so I went on the website and put in reasonable requests for my match.

I was provided with 18 matches most who didn't live in my city, which is quite large. I waited a few days to see if any other profiles would be provided; nothing was, nor was there any way to search on my own to see If there was someone I might be interested in contacting.

The same 18 matches were the only choices up until today, when the site blocked me from any further use with no explanation. I wrote to them 2 days ago asking for a refund, telling them my concerns, which they refused! I wrote back again asking for a refund explaining again why I thought I should get one. I also wrote that if I didn't get a refund I would contact an outside source to try and dispute my denial for a refund. That's when this morning I was locked out of the website with no explanation or any further contact from Christian Mingle.

They basically took my money and are not even providing a service that I paid for. If Christian Mingle would refund me in full I would go on my way! I went into this hopeful, not checking the reviews: foolish! Christian Mingle does not screen and allows free non-paying men into the site.

Some calls are from the Folsom prison area and the many are out of state. One call was from a murderer on probation but had a really nice picture. Another was from a man who said his religion was the best and mine is a fraud. The last promised to meet but when the time came he disappeared, think he was cheap, he kept turning down the heat in his house to save money and only wanted to meet for a drink was an hour away.

Within a few days I asked for my money back but they would not give it. This is a horrible just horrible rip off dangerous website for women. I joined because I was looking for a Christian partner. The site, first off is rife with fake profiles.

You will be told you have all these emails, so you subscribe to read them, but oops! They're all gone. The second thing is, they harbor and protect some very abusive men. When I told one man I did not want to date him after exchanging a few emails, he became seriously ugly and sent me multiple abusive messages.

I forwarded them to the admins, who just said, "Oh, block him. He would unblock me at some odd hour of the day, say 2 a. The emails were so disturbing, that I insisted they remove his profile their published policies state that any profiles engaging in abuse will be removed.

They refused! I said that since I no longer felt safe on the site, to refund my money and delete my profile, and they refused! They said that "it is against our policies to give refunds, which is stated in our disclaimer". I told them, "It is also in your published policies to remove abusive profiles!

So I finally caught his profile open, and I blocked him. He then changed his screen name, which got around the blocking, and he continued to send me foot-long, rambling, clearly mentally unbalanced messages.

Which I forwarded to the admins, who ignored me. I stayed on because I had paid for it, but just got contacts from men in other countries, either scammers looking for money "for airfare to visit me" or hoping for marriage to bring them over to America "I love you already, I have never felt such a connection as when I looked into your eyes, I know we are destined to be married"a man 20 years younger who offered to email me pictures of his penis, and more of the same.

I would get emails from men and by the time I opened them, the profiles were gone. Don't waste your money! Between the fake profiles and who do you think spends their time creating them? I am new to the online dating world and so it has been eye opening so far. While the Christian Mingle site is legit in that it will post your profile for people to view, they cannot guarantee the people loading profiles are legit individuals and not scammers.

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A year-old Californian meets a scams claiming to be Irish. Before she knows best free dating sites neogaf, she is embroiled in a Nigerian scam. That's the difference between meeting someone online and meeting them in real life. She thought he was an Irishman working on a Scottish oil rig. He turned out to be a Nigerian man who had only one thing on his mind. Sadly, that one thing was money. It's hard enough to give any money -- let alone that amount -- to someone you know. But to give it to someone whose eyes you've never looked at live shows a true love narcosis. It was this wire that allowed police to encounter Wisdom Onokpite. The woman sent the money to a Turkish bank and when Onokpite walked into the bank to withdraw the money, the authorities were alerted.

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Use Chrome? Here's the RSS extension. Jackie M. Johnson is an author and freelance writer who enjoys bringing biblical hope and practical help to singles worldwide. Connect with Jackie on Facebook or jackiejohnsoncreative. The Voices of the Family Blogs. Read All Here. Com the fraud is involved in financial services and i think my favorite versons of a victim, too. How someone but after a sergeant in online dating sites and online site for meeting singles from nigeria and products. Other internet for a nigerian dating sites. Meet local christian dating site with caution on an interesting and has never been easier. Report the army on the nigerian dating sites. Warning: you date, you are not easy!