Recently I got a call from a customer who wanted to know if Sigs Technology was a fraud. He wanted to cancel his account due to a fraudulent claim he made on his credit card. I asked him why and explained that Sigs Technology is an electronic service which is purchased in conjunction with your bank to give you internet access.

I need to return sigtech WIFI Where do I return this product and get refund

The customer told me that he had purchased the service and returned it within three days of purchase. He said that he had also used his credit card to pay for the service. This is when he found out that he could not get a refund. I asked him what happened next and found out that he was being abused by his internet service provider (ISP).

He told me that he spoke to his ISP who told him that he could not get a refund as it was an unauthorized fraud account. He asked if there were any other options and they told him that there were not. He was then told that he should consider canceling the service and moving to another provider because there was no chance that Sigs Technology would help him recover any lost funds. He asked me what else I needed to do to protect myself and my family from further fraud.

I explained that one of the things I needed to do was to contact my fraud account manager.

I sent him a message to tell him that he had one more day to look into the matter and obtain a refund for the amount of money he claimed was lost. I asked him how he was going to do that and he said that he would probably send me a cease and desist order, followed by a phone call detailing everything that he had done and saying that he was working on getting me a refund.

I did not want to wait and when he called me again, I asked him what he had done. He replied that he had contacted the fraud department and they had told him to cancel my fraud account. I then asked him if he could tell me why I was being charged a refund and he said that he could not. I then asked him what he had told me that I needed to know, and he again repeated that he could not give me any information.

I then asked him if he had any information that I could use to check on the validity of the claim.

He again replied that he did not have any information on that particular matter and that he would look into it. At this point I asked him what he was going to do and again he replied that he would speak with his supervisor and get back to me. He also indicated that he would be calling me in two weeks to see what action they had taken on my refund request.

Two weeks later I received a call from my fraud department. I asked them about my refund and they said that I was owed one hundred dollars. I asked them if they could find out who the person that I had sent the product to was and they told me that they could not. I was really surprised at this because I had sent the product to a seven-year-old boy who lives in another state and I had not told them that.

I then asked them if they could find out who the person that Sigs Technology LLC was or where they could send the product to in order to get a refund for the fraudulent activity that I had suffered as a result of their faulty product. Again, I was surprised at their lack of response and my frustration started to grow. I asked them if they had contacted the fraud department and again, they indicated no.

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