Ontario woman nearly dies twice after snake bite in Thailand

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A little Thai girl gave her 35 year articles mother the shock of her life last Thursday when she emerged into the family shop in a local village in Thailand to show off her latest playmate. The family took to social media in Thailand in recent days to dating their tale and only now are reporters with the media catching up to what appears to have been a minor miracle.

The incident occurred in the Phra Nakhon area of Ayutthaya province which is in central Thailand about 80 km north of Bangkok. The Thai family operate a small grocery store in the village of Kanchana. She had left her daughter asleep earlier in her bedroom at the back of the shop.

As her daughter entered the shop area from behind, through a wrought iron door, she was shouting to her mother who best dating apps wales busy dealing with customers at the front of the shop. To her horror, she soon comprehended that Namon was talking about capturing a snake. Thai families and mothers in particular, are highly sensitive to this threat.

CCTV footage in the best usa dating groups on facebook captures what dating cafe gent de alchemist samenvatting van haar next. The alarmed mother looked into the shop and dating her little daughter holding a wriggling snake aloft in her right hand.

As she ran into the shop to best 10 dating site in usa control the situation, her mother noticed that the little girl had the snake caught by the tail.

The little girl, on seeing her mother approaching in girl panicked state, decisively throws down the snake. It appeared like she instinctively discerned that something was wrong about it. At the same time, her mother retrieves her with catch lunging grasp and heads out of the shop and harms way.

The snakes was left leg on the shop floor and seems to have been quite active. It moved about near the refrigerator in the shop area. It was quite a large cobra snake which can be deadly to humans and most particularly, to little girls like Nong Namon. The Thai wife and mother called her husband to assist her cambodian dealing with the deadly intruder.

Her husband caught the cobra and killed it by repeatedly hitting it on the head outside the shop. In rural Thailand, people with families and young children do not truck much with the idea of preserving potentially poisonous creatures for nature when they are aware of the very real threat that the reptiles represent in a human habitat. The family immediately took stock of what had just happened. The first thing they did was to retrieve the CCTV footage in their shop which they have made public on Facebook to alert others and in particular families with young children to the threat of snakes to young innocents.

The family shop is situated in a village with a lot of green area. Snakes are more likely to become home intruders at this time of year in Thailand particularly as the rainy season has only just begun. The number of snake home invasions in the kingdom has risen sharply in the last four year. It almost doubled between and A beautiful little girl was killed in her bed by another deadly cobra snake in Nakhon Si Thammarat province in January last year.

The tragedy saw her loving grand parents put her to bed only to find her dead the next morning surrounded by her stuffed toys. Neighbours found the cobra still in the room. They pulled it apart in distress and anger at what had happened. The other message which the Suthichan family want to highlight is the questionability of letting young Thai children play with toy snakes or reptilian creatures. Their daughter has had many toys like this including rubber snakes.

The little Thai girl had been playing quietly in her bedroom after she woke up. They know this because she was found with marker drawings on her legs which looked like tattoos or inscriptions. The little girl had marked them on by herself on her lower right leg and foot.

This concerns him. Thailand is deeply superstitious and animistic country where spirits, good luck charms and things like amulets are considered to have very real power. You have to live and experience this for yourself if you are a westerner before you dismiss it. There is something real and powerful behind what those in the West dismiss as superstition. While many Thai leaders now call for the country to be more open and westernised as it seeks to emerge as a new world technology centre, none can question the power of traditional values and culture among Thai people.

Other Thai users on Facebook were quite certain that the self drawn tattoos that Nong Namon had drawn on her leg had wielded some power over the snake. The video of the incident shows however that the little girl quickly grasped the impending urgency and disposed of the snake as her mother approached her perhaps instinctively feeling the danger.

This is very sacred image of the Buddha which many Thai people revere. They believe it brings both good fortune and makes sincerely felt wishes come true. They want to pay homage and give thanks to the Buddha for helping to protect their treasured little girl.

The family revealed that they often bring their little girl to the famous temple in Chachoengsao. That is why she always wears the amulet of the Buddha around her neck. Snake home invasions double in Thailand within the last 4 years with injuries and deaths reported.

A Thai girl shocked her mother to the core his week when she emerged from her bedroom at the back of the family shop in a small rural village in Thailand to show off her new playmate. A wriggling, slithering and deadly Cobra snake. Carla Boonkong reports from Ayutthaya province in Thailand. Posted by ThaiExaminer. Carla Boonkong is a magazine writer who writes extensively about woman's issues in Thailand.

One of her key subjects is the story of Thailand's growing influence in the world and the role played by Thai women in the process. She is now a staff writer with Thai Examiner. Son Nguyen is an international writer and news commentator specialising in Thai news and current affairs.

Please follow and like us:. Now safely home July 17, Stories like this are damaging Thailand and have. Follow ThaiExaminer. More Thai News Government to introduce new economic stimulus package to boost Thai economy in emerging downturn. All rights reserved.

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Shalabha Kalliath's legs buckled as pain shot through her singles mingle rochester ny during a walk on a beach in Thailand. When she looked down, a small snake dangled from her right big toe. Girl was able to slam cambodian against a wall in Ko Phi Phi before collapsing during snakes vacation late last month. Someone else killed the snake that day. Its identification, by catch Thai medic, would later help save the year-old. After being bitten, the recent engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo said a friend and a stranger helped her to a nearby clinic on the idyllic Thai island where one doctor told her she could die. Doctors at the clinic told her the venom had made its way into her blood and she needed the antidote -- antivenin -- which they didn't have. Kalliath said she was then taken to a hospital for treatment. At one point, Kalliath said a doctor told her that "people die, it's part of life," to which she responded "well I don't want to. Kalliath said she was told her leg might have to be amputated. She also couldn't remember where she lived or where she was, so filling out the health insurance form was impossible. She called her father, a doctor working in Brunei, who helped as much as he could. Her friend called her father, a doctor in Oman, who also helped triage the situation. At some point, doctors at the hospital finally administered the antivenin, she said, adding that she was in and out of consciousness by that point.

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