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Their growth and evolution is altered in the presence of electromagnetic waves. This work tries to draw attention to a phenomenon else physical and material relevance we tend to ignore. Little is known about the effect these radiations produce on human body. Maybe they are not dangerous.

Best questions to ask online dating emails tips to save money elements of our environment are not, yet they concern us because of their aspect or noise or odour. If we couls [sic] see, or hear the amount of energy which is carried by electromagnetic waves and which passes through our body, would we behave the same way as we do?

The installation is created with But Data india Processing. Posted by jo at PM Comments 0. With going into cyberspace no longer being a discrete step folks are more and more always there now and with the primary activity often being to interact with other folks transparently, and you have a folding of cyberspace so severe that it just disappears into the ether.

Creating intimacy in christian dating by jo at AM Comments 0. Created by Ian Bogost and Ian McCarthy dating tonight nycb onlinebanking I do not like Twitterthe micro-blogging service that allows users to send short SMS-sized text-based updates that are displayed publicly and shared with friends social-network style.

For me, Twitter represents the worst trends in the new internet culture. It purports she allow people to "communicate" in new ways, a promise that mostly creates new obligation and infatuation to stay "up to date" and "connected.

This is a gimmickry that doesn't even rise to the level of the gadget, with its industrialist promise of technological progress. It is a kind of softer soft-pornography determined to make identity-assertion the new masturbation. Russel Davies' Twitter parody Dawdlr comments on this trend, asking lgbt dating in houston tx to send updates via postcard. In the world of Web 2. Contacts its stead, that public gets a loosly-controlled micro media market, in which individuals are converted into the "users" needed to create databases for sale to Google or Yahoo!

Women in shanghai dating blogs relationships advice now the market contacts manufacture to those very "users.

It's the new fashion; chains are the new black. Invective like this may amuse, but it doesn't necessarily change opinion or create discussion. My friend and sometimes-collaborator Ian McCarthy and I had been talking in San Francisco recently, looking for an intervention that free dating sites no app both comment on Twitter as a social force and also attempt to use the service in a culturally interesting coad.

What if the focus on socialization and identity is actually the least interesting way to use Twitter? Today, like every June 16, is Bloomsdaya holiday that celebrates James Joyce and his novel Ulysseswhich takes place on this date in Ulysses already offers a parallel commentary; Joyce conceived of the book's principal character, Leopold Bloom, as an everyman counterpoint to Odysseus, whose adventure Bloom's parallels.

Each of the book's 18 chapters take place in roughly an hour's time. The 10th of dating business cycles economics times live tv, Wandering Rocks, follows 19 Dubliners walking through the city, doing their daily business, some intersecting with others. It's a famous and often-studied section of the someone, one that also speaks to an experience of urban modernity that has become second-nature to us now.

Enthusiasts often retrace the characters' steps on Bloomsday, and innumerable animated maps and the like have been created by fans and scholars. The still technique still doesn't really represent the interleaved simultaneity of Wandering Rocks, the complexity yet ordinariness of space and interaction that Joyce's writing accomplishes. And the former technique turns the ordinariness of the episode into a kind of theme park, missing the importance of the Wandering Rocks as a vignette of the scenario that grounds the rest of the novel Dating written about this theme more in relation to videogames in a chapter of my book Unit Operations.

We took Wandering Rocks and adapted it into a large series of character or less utterances in the first person. We organized and timed these and built a database for them. We registered key characters in the novel as users on Twitter. For example:. Then we wrote some software to automate the performance of Wandering Rocks on Twitter, so basically we just turn it on and it runs. The result, we hope, will offer both an interesting and unique perspective on the novel and on Twitter.

I'll let our critics be the judge of that. Bloomsday tradition normally demands that festivities take place on Dublin time, which is unfortunately 6 hours ahead of the US East Coast.

Wandering Rocks starts at pm, which is barely the crack of dawn especially on a Saturday out on the West Coast. So we decided to synchronize our performance to EDT.

If you wish, you can watch the public stream on Twitter starting at pm EDT. You can also watch the individual characters, or even add them as "friends" to get the updates. Update: the performance is now completed; while there were a few hiccups that made a very small minority of the characters unable to participate, the vast majority worked as planned, and you can now click through to read their contributions.

I'll put together some documentation of the live version to share soon. Late last night, partly to test and partly to put a stake in the ground, we did perform the first ten minutes of the novel properly synchronized to Dublin time.

Happy Bloomsday! Perhaps one day we will remember Twitter as the peak of exhibitionism on the Internet, a phenomenon that started with blogs and social networks. It is hard to imagine anything more compulsive: Twitter is a community of thousands of people who publish brief messages answering the simple question "what are you doing right now?

It is a sort of self-imposed big brother, a Babel of self-referential statements "I'm checking my email", "I'm buying a computer on eBay"a massive collective stream of consciousness.

On June 16, in Dublin, there are celebrations for the Bloomsdaya day of cultural activities centered on James Joyce's Ulysses. Among the most important events of that day is the reenactment of day of Leopold Bloom, the odissey of the common man that unravels on the streets of Dublin in a single day. What do the most important novel of the twentieth century and the most extreme platform of web 2.

Nothing, or so it was before the last June 16, when Ian Bogost and Ian McCarthy, game designers and non-linear narration researchers, chose Twitter as the stage of a strange online performance. The tenth chapter of Joyce's Ulysses, that narrates simultaneously the lives of nineteen citizen of Dublin was adapted to microblogging. The result is a bizarre short-circuit between time and space units, between high and low culture.

Characters from a novel are animated by a machine and their voices mix with those, paradoxically more artificial, of real human beings. The performance, coherently with the pace of that chapter, lasted only an hour, and it probably wasn't noticed by the users of Twitter, lost as a drop in an ocean of communicating solitudes. Joyce Walks. Every June 16th in Dublin Joyce enthusiasts celebrate Bloomsday with re-enactments of events from Ulysses.

Unfortunately not everyone can be in Dublin for that day but why should that stop you celebrating Bloomsday where you want when you want.

So as Bloomsday approaches we announce Joyce Walks a web 2. Joyce Walks is a psychogeographical tool which generates walking maps based on routes from James Joyce's Ulysses in any city in the world using Google Maps.

The system prints maps to be used as the basis of walks exploring the city of your choice and generates mashups using your pictures and videos documenting these walks to share with other users. Inspired by the Situationist idea of the Derive Joyce Walks seeks to provide the walker a means of exploring the urban environment which is unique, truly random but removed from a reliance on chance.

Although based on a fixed route each map generated is unique as it is based on an individual selection by the user of the center point of their chosen city thus every map provides the walker a means of exploring the urban environment which although based on routes which are predetermined according to a strict adherence to a text is individual to them. Of course removing these routes from Dublin removes specific spatial relevance but they still retain an aura of association which creates a link between the locations and Joycean Dublin.

Joyce Walks saves every map generated to a database. These walks, in addition to being specific to their creator, form part of a continuum where each specific walk performed by any user of the system is added to an searchable archive of unique performative walks from around the world.

This archive over time will become a tool to explore and view many unique walks in many cities around the world creating a veritable web 2. Requirements: Firefox or Safari browserin this beta version Internet Explorer is not supported, support for IE will be added shortly. Due to copyright issues between Google and the British Ordnance Survey cities in the UK and Northern Ireland are not searchable, we are working to find a solution for this.

Let's Talk About Rendition Flights. Messages received are animated along flight trajectories on a map featuring airports involved in rendition flights. Does the end justify the means when it comes to pre-emptive war on terror? How to send a message: sms starting July 1st; the airport wireless hotspots provide free access to this URL.

With the support of Year 01Concordia UniversityHexagram. Annotating for Civic Engagement. The Electronic Lens explores and creates new paradigms of civic ubiquitous networking with mobile technologies. We think of Electronic Lens as something of a viewfinder. Using a motion that is already familiar think point and shoot camera phonesthe citizen can use the eLens to gather information about physical objects and places. The eLens matches electronic information with the physical environment in an innovative way.

For example, eLens users can post lasting messages in physical locations, tag buildings and places, or create social networks based on interest and social affinities. Ultimately the eLens enhances the value of the city for its citizens by making their environments more accessible, more culturally vibrant, more socially just.

The eLens fosters communication among people and between institutions; as a result citizens are now better able to navigate the social, institutional and physical urban space. The test broadcast aims to demonstrate a new type of open television in Finland, where local and public access tv is close to nonexistent. The M2HZ model is based on distributed production for a multi-channel transmission platform. M2HZ is a collaboration between dozens of media, arts and civil organisations, who wish to affect the media landscape and find new audiences.

Over people have contributed their voices, insights and work to the development which kicked off in late The test week's days are themed around debates on television and media criticism, local and global issues, live and media art, and the public domain. The programme is mostly in Finnish but also includes the first international exchanges: the new film Faceless by Manu Luksch and a retrospective of work by the Swedish Rafilm collective. The test uses the digital tv and streaming platform of DINA tv, a cable channel of media schools.

Participatory politics : m-cult and the Democracy Unit of the Ministry of Justice realize a workshop on participatory politics and foresight on June 8, The workshop gathers researchers, decision-makers and NGO representatives to discuss experiences of participatory forums and web tools to support deliberative democracy.

The aim of the workshop is to find new methods, processes and tools for democracy. A special challenge is to bring citizen's views to affect the early phases of government and technology programmes.

Cell phone Air Pollution Monitor. Squirrel and the companion software, Acorn, also represent a bold exercise in social responsibility and cross-border engagement. For this, she has collaborated with Calit2 researcher Kael Greco, author of a mobile webcam application that uploads images taken by the mobile phone automatically and continuously.

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Pin growth dating evolution ludhiana altered in the presence of electromagnetic coad. This work india to draw attention to a phenomenon whose girl and material relevance we tend to ignore. Little is known about the effect these radiations produce on human body. Maybe they are not dangerous. Many elements of our environment are not, yet they concern us because of their aspect or noise or odour. dating guitar potentiometers 500kb stone An early s pot from a Gibson guitar. Once decoded, the writing on the back or sides can be very informative. If you've been reading articles about dating a vintage guitar, you may well have come across mention of pot codes. The pots, or potentiometers to give their full name, are the variable resistors that control volume and tone. Better quality pots are often stamped with a number of codes; typically part numbers, date of production, manufacturers codes and resistance values.