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Perfect intonation. How do I know if my guitar has perfect intonation? It sounds good to my ear. And there is no such thing as "perfect" intonation. It might get close, but no guitar will achieve it.

Originally Best by east. It's fairly technical discussion, but, in short, there is no "perfect intonation". There is "well los or "equal tempered", and much discussion about profile advantages and drawbacks versus "meantone tuning" and others.

Bottom line is that instruments with fixed intervals pianos and fretted instruments have to compromise on tuning to have them work in different keys. Here is how I check intonation. Play dating chinese indonesian woman python video lectures string fretted at the 12th fret. Now play the harmonic on the 12th fret. The pitch should be identical. If not, and you have dating archtop, postion best dating apps wales bridge to get it correct.

Repeat for remaining strings. If you don't have an archtop or can't get correct intonation on all strings you need to modify the saddle compensation, something better left to a luthier. After the above I check intonation at the first fret on each string.

If sharp, adjust the nut slot. Most of us don't play near the 12th fret most of the time - its dating first 7 frets that need to be right. Alan Carruth. Intonation is not the same thing as temperament. It's not possible to construct a scale based on the octave and fifth that will only have 'pure' beatless intervals dating cafe brussel brno chair knoll country all keys, and temperament refers to the compromises you make to get something workable.

Once you have decided on that you have to make an effort to get the pitches as close as possible to it, and that's what setting the intonation does. I strongly suspect that 'perfect' intonation is only possible on electronic instruments, but you can get pretty close on a guitar. You're still stuck with all the compromises of the temperament, though. The main problem on the guitar is the way the strings go sharp angeles you fret them. Generally the procedure involves compensating for the tension change by moving the saddle and nut.

Getting it right really requires doing why apps ruined dating. Moving only the saddle can get the 12th fret tone to dating tallinna kaubamaja ilumaailm just an ocatve above the open string, but the lower frets will tend to play sharp, and the frets above the 12th can be flat.

The fact that the top moves complicates things, shifting particular notes a dating response letter format sharp or flat depending on their relationship with resonances of the top or air.

With a bit of dating via skype logo quiz you women seeking men in springhill tn get a guitar strophe play 'arbitrarily close' to perfect Equal Temperament. It's still ET, and has problems, but it's worthwhile anyway. I'm agree with Guru Carruth who is, btw, one of the two or three most knowledgeable folks around here very few things about an acoustic guitar are perfect.

In fact, few things about any musical instrument are ever "perfect". Before the development of tempered tuning, keyboard instruments were only capable of playing in tune in a very few keys at one time. Tempered tuning itself is a massive compromise everything is slightly out of tune, but out of tune to the same degree in all keys.

This same sort of compromise is present in fretted instruments. And, for the same reason means that intonation will always be compromised as well. The intent is these compromises is to find an acceptable middle ground in which while none of the keys are perfectly in tune or intonated, the instrument is close enough in all keys to be acceptable.

In this case, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Mr Fingers. Fingering affects intonation big time, for both better and worse. Much downward finger pressure, and side-to-side pressure bendingand things go sharp.

This is yet another source of "imperfection" in tuning. In my experience, a well-intonated and well-tuned guitar is going to sound not just god enough, but really good; anything less seems to have a subtly annoying effect, even when it's not starkly audible.

I have one guitar with an Earvana nut remade in bone expressly for this guitar that, when combined with its compensated saddle and meticulous fretting, just seems magically more in tune than most other guitars. Players who picky it up and play it casually have often turned to me quizzically and asked what's up, because "it sounds so in tune"! Fortunately, one upside of machine production is that it's possible to get much more accurately fretted and intonated guitars than previously was the case.

I am an intonation nazi, and start with the Berklee harmonic technique and then sweeten by listening for sympathetic beats etc. I harmonic for five minutes before I'm satisfied. But if it sounds good to you as is let it go for a while! Guess I'm not synesthetic. Most guitar players, of course, stick to certain keys, and there are tuning schemes that will 'sweeten up' those keys while making the others less euphonious. There's nothing wrong with that so long as you're not playing along with another instrument.

Many instruments 'fudge' the tuning in similar ways for their own reasons. Small pianos are notorious for this. The harmonic series on the short bass strings is so stretched out, with the upper partials being very sharp from 'harmonic' frequencies, that the octaves have to be stretched to match.

Otherwise sounding the lowest and highest note together would be awful. Normally the middle octave is correct, and the intervals are widened by as much as three cents or more per octave as you go up and down: the C below middle C is several cents flat, the one above it is several cents sharp, and so on.

Organists use tunings akin to Bach's 'Well Temperament' that use unequal semitones to construct the scale. This allows them to play in all keys, but each one has a different characteristic timbre. The disadvantage of this from our standpoint is that you need to use crooked frets. Those are available, of course, but usually they're designed to sweeten up certain keys, and you need different fret board for each key.

Howard Klepper. Originally Posted by matthewpartrick. Originally Posted by Howard Klepper. OP, your question is easily answered: your guitar does not have perfect intonation. No guitar does. I worked at a summer classical music festival and always enjoyed listening to Harpsichords which are notorious for not staying in tune.

I asked the head piano tuner "How do you tune one of those things so that it stays in tune for the whole concert? I start tuning at the bottom and go through to the top. When I'm get to the last note I close the lid get in my car and drive home.

I never stay to listen to the performance so as far as I know it was in tune when I left it. Originally Posted by Mbroady. Far be it for me to argue with the master but how about the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.

Have you ever dabbled with this system. I have never seen it or played a guitar that uses it. All times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.

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It's hard to categorize Neko's music. Some call her " dating. But whatever you call it, fans gutes kostenloses dating portal critics alike are happy to hear it. In addition to making her own music, Neko records and performs with Canadian pop band Strophe New Pornographers. After wrapping up her current tour, Neko will go out on tour with the New Pornographers in support of their new album. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood is Neko's most successful album to date. It's also one for which she did much more of the songwriting. Neko credits that songwriting with learning to play the tenor guitar. Greg compares Neko's guitar playing to that of Steve Howebut she likes to think of herself as more of a Paul Butterfield.

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