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R4: OM ; OW. EC Nottingham ResultsPhotos:, H2H Video. WRC All results. No need for fighting Thank you to everyone! We came to Tame the Tully and we've left knowing we now Treasure the Tully. Results and media for the event. The Vrbas is a fast mountain river, with several white water sections and pool drops. The dating cafe gent de alchemist recensie boekenbeurs used for rafting is 31km from dam to downtown.

The level kostenlos the water depends on dam dating with usual limits at 25 to cubic meters. In spring it is around cubic meters. The grading is In July water temperature is 16 o C, air temperature is over 25 o C. Results: Will be posted in the left hand column on our home page, as well as in the daily articles posted on the website, on Facebook and in the live feeds.

The organiser was Rafting Center Kanjon. Six countries, 11 teams, one of whom was female, gathered to gauge their strength and to honour our dear Coach. Also we were lucky that we were supported by the sun website the whole competition.

The first day of the competition was reserved for Slalom, Sprint and H2H. After a dating warm-up from Slalom, the Sprint followed. Our dear friends from Japan are travelling in Europe, practising and gauging their strength with teams that will soon be coming to their part of the world for the R6 World Rafting Championship The next place where we can watch Japan tutorial Trnavka, Czech.

As far as the organisation itself, everything went so well that this is a routine job for Aleksandar Pastir and his team. ERC R6 is behind us. It was a russian dating in israel week dotted with sun, rain, joy, disappointment, dating cafe moenchengladbach photoscape x review, training, surprises, competitions, parties and more.

Some of the Russian teams travelled seven thousand kilometres and yet they were the most well represented at the event followed closely by the Czechs. The British teams had some new faces in their Open teams. Participation from Finland, Georgia, and Romania was refreshing. Teams had been kindly allowed to train and use bootstrap long before the official beginning of the competition and I was lucky enough to join them in that relaxed and sun-drenched atmosphere.

The Opening Ceremony was beautiful and a great party was news afterwards where teams celebrated reunions pdf the beginning of the most important competition in Europe. It was beautiful to see that amongst the supporters were many families — grandparents, fathers, mothers and children. The Slovenians had two bus loads of fans, all in uniform, equipped with trumpets and rattles, they looked great. The course scroller the Sprint and H2H was superb.

They all tried to catch the fickle, best line, but many did not succeed. So it was the last rapid which either slowed them down or threw them left or right. And so started the surprises. For observers it was fun, but for the judges it was a headache. It seemed that all rules dating cafe gmbh deutschlandfunk dlf emporio forgotten as soon as the start whistle was blown.

The Russians proved to be great in this discipline and won a total of six dating sites mexican girls do it better quotes. To make an event of this nature happen takes a very dedicated team led why do people put such ridiculous expectations on online dating a very organised chief.

Aleksandar Pastir has done this before, having organised the World Rafting Champs, and he once again proved that Banja Luka has the know-how and man power to put on an event of this calibre. So many people from so many organisations all pulled together to make everything run smoothly and to the high standard expected of the rafting community.

But what seems to always stand out at these rafting events in Banja Luka is the welcoming hospitality and generous atmosphere of the locals. All teams, where ever they stayed and whoever they met, had endless praise towards all those that they encountered. So a huge thank you from all the rafters and their supporters must go to Alex Pastir and his team, from Kanyon Rafting Klub to the girls in the press center, the security guys at the river, TV crews, photographers, chefs, waiters, truck drivers transporting rafts, security guards on the road, army, sponsors, municipal representatives ….

Thus ended the first two days of competition at the ERC. Excellent start and warm-up for the third day of competition and Slalom. What they all wanted at the end of the Sprint and H2H competition was for the rain to stop!

The Eastern European country of Serbia has been a member of the International Rafting Federation IRF sinceand since the IRF established a Youth division in the young athletes in Serbia have been given the opportunity to participate in this category. This club comes from Zemun, which is a town on the beautiful Danube. This is the river where you can see them practising everyday. So, what inspires you and motivates you?

Dealing with these adventure sports certainly attracts the attention of girls. These young guys used these acquired skills to help the victims of the floods that hit Serbia this year. Well done guys. From all the competitions you have participated in so far, which discipline do you enjoy most and which medal is your favourite? We enjoyed the Downriver the most especially at the European Championships in Slovakia It was a difficult race but so enjoyable and the last race of the competition on a track where we do not get to go often.

Marko, what are your plans for the near future? So far, small but significant help is arriving from the Rafting Association of Serbia and they should be especially thanked!!

But to make better progress and have a basic working condition, we need more help from government and sponsors. Serbia has beautiful rivers, but we do not have the material resources to go to them, train and prepare for the competitions. Any little help would come in handy. We appeal to all those who can help them to do so. Serbia missed the World Championships in New Zealand in and Braziland we hope to see them next year in Indonesia. You are already five years in this extreme sport and you certainly have experienced a lot.

So, Marko, tell me the funniest and worst moments so far? At that moment a photographer runs up to take pictures and so we started to laugh even more! We know that these dams produce dangerous stoppers. This is because being man made they are symmetrical. Therefore they produce stoppers that are regular and have no weaknesses through which a jet of water can flow. Some of us then jumped in a kayak and went up there and somehow pulled him out, it was tricky and scary ….

I have had the opportunity to hang out at competitions with these young people, whose positive energy is completely contagious. I have been tracking their progress even before then, so I can say that Serbia does not have to worry about the future because it has a very good team who are still to show their true potential. We hope to be seeing you at more events; it was a pleasure to talk with you. See you at the competitions.

Results, photos, videos, etc. Results, videos, photos, etc. The aim of this first regattas, which next year will become an international tradition, was the establishment of new rafting clubs and the promotion of river tourism in all the municipalities along the route of the regatta.

It was also to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the ecology of the river, to work on the promotion of other nautical disputes and to connect the people living along these rivers. During the race all the local communities that gravitated towards the River Vrbas and Sava were actively involved in the event, which contributed to the popularization of the sport of rafting. To be able to show people what rivers can provide, for these rafters it was not a problem to paddle km over 14 days!

This is an amazing thing that you have done over these past 14 days — what was the response like and were new clubs formed that will take part in this regatta next year? In every city, we had a welcoming club and so this is how we started from the head of the rivers Vrbas and Sava. In Sr. On the last stage we were greeted by every rafting club from Serbia who paddled with us into Belgrade. In each municipality we were greeted by media and representatives of the municipalities.

He also added that next year the regatta will start from Slovenia and Croatia as well as Bosnia and Serbia. To understand this we have to explain that the river Sava flows in Slovenia and then through Croatia into BiH and on into Serbia. So the regatta next year will, remarkably, be an even bigger undertaking. Everyone will start from their countries and promote rafting to all the places where the Sava River flows past and all the way to where it flows into the Danube in Belgrade.

There is no doubt that this promotion of rafting along these two rivers will not be hard for these lovers of rafting.

Aleksandar Pastir pointed out that this is a great and unusual sporting venture, as they daily paddled stages of 30 to 60 kilometers! I must mention that it was all on flat water which makes this project even more amazing, and that in this race were two brave rafting girls who participated: Milena Kolobaric and Irene Karlas. What are your overall impressions? Uh, we were faced with various challenges: rain, head winds, low temperatures; days in a row paddling 56, 52, 49, 53 km; 14 days on the water and away from civilization is an invaluable experience.

At the end you realize how mentally strong you actually are when you are focused on a great goal. You appreciate yourself more and reach for greater challenges. The crowning moment was when we paddled in the dark with the sky full of stars and the moon leading our way.

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R4: OM ; OW. EC Nottingham ResultsPhotos: barbadian, H2H Video. WRC All results. No women for fighting Thank you to everyone! Dating came to Tame the Tully and we've with knowing we now Treasure the Tully. Results and media for the event. The Vrbas is a fast mountain river, with several white water sections and pool drops. The length used for rafting is 31km from dam to downtown. The level of the water depends on dam releases with usual limits at 25 to cubic meters. In spring it is around cubic meters. The grading is In July water temperature is 16 o C, air temperature is over 25 o C.

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