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Dating acronyms and abbreviations finder and definitions - business, training, medical, military, technical, funny - acronyms, backronyms and abbreviations dating cafe gutscheincode lidl shop deutschland germany. Glossary: acronyms and abbreviations [edit].

FFFF or the 4F's. The 29 P's of surviving bird-flu. Lifestyle and demographics profiles acronyms. Some of these acronyms could be considered 'politically incorrect', including a few which could be interpreted to be rude or offensive. As such be careful how and where you use them. And if you are easily offended please don't read the page. This free acronyms and abbreviations finder is a dictionary of useful acronyms and abbreviations for training, learning, teaching, etc.

This collection is also a study in language and communications. Sites acronyms and abbreviations in this listing can therefore be used for various purposes: for simple amusement; for finding coach dating eksi?

sozluk turkce gazeteler meanings; for illustrating and emphasising points that you wish to make in training or speaking or presentations; and for examples of how language and expressions develop and evolve.

Whatever, acronyms and abbreviations add colour and texture to the written and spoken word, and to life in general. They are a fascinating reflection of the development of communications, language and social attitudes.

Strictly speaking, acronyms are words formed from the abbreviations of others, but lady gaga dating chicago fire you'll see, many of these acronyms aren't words at all, and even some of the best known acronyms like LASER and RADAR have bent the acronym rules.

Some acronyms, usually amusing and ironic, are formed in reverse, i. The amusing term for these types of acronyms is dating cafe brussel doodskist engels nederlands woorden or 'bacronyms'. Bacronyms are often created as hoax explanations for the origins of certain swear words. Acronyms, whether true acronyms or not, and abbreviations, add colour, fun and interest to our language, and thereby they act as mnemonics, or memory devices.

Many technical and process-related acronyms and abbreviations greatly assist in memory retention and learning. Many acronyms and abbreviations when used properly can certainly enhance communications, because they act as 'short-hand' and therefore increase the efficiency first christmas dating gifts for men communications; in other words, more meaning is conveyed in less time and fewer words.

Many acronyms and abbreviations are also motivational and inspirational for training, because they contain a special theme, and because the acronym or abbreviation itself is a mnemonic device a memory aid. Some of these acronyms and abbreviations originated as far back as the s notably the 2nd World Warand a few probably the early s notably the 1st World War. Many other abbreviations listed here are far more recent. Many older acronyms provide fascinating examples of the development of language and san jose ca dating hook up cultural attitudes.

When using acronyms and abbreviations for serious and intentionally open communications ensure that definitions and meanings are understood or explained, or the acronym defeats its own purpose. It's advisable that if using acronyms in reports and other important communications, such as instructions, manuals, procedures, and training materials, you should include a glossary of acronyms and abbreviations, which hopefully enables the audience to understand the meanings involved.

Some of these acronyms and 'backronyms' also appear with more details and explanations in the main acronyms listing. Any time, Any place, Anywhere. Popular texting abbreviation ack J Lewis.

Other variations of lyrics following the opening line were used in more recent years It's a new world, Me and you girl. Suggestions on a postcard please as to the original words and ad agency, composer, etcand later versions.

The word Martini in the context of media has now assumed an amusing additional modern meaning, referring to mobile and on-demand communications and media, and is also used as an ironic reference to someone exhibiting particularly flexible or pragmatic tendencies, especially politicians who pander to views and support for personal advantage above ethical considerations. Apples To Oranges. Acronym to highlight any inappropriate comparison; a modern shorthand for 'chalk and cheese'. Acronym used by UK armed forces and services staff for identifying people involved in incidents or crime.

Alive, Alert, Aggressive. One of very many triple-A acronyms. Somewhat macho but catchy nevertheless, and not a bad rallying call for self or team in a variety of situations visit to the dentist, disaster de-debriefing with scary CEO, public speaking pep-talk, etc. Ack G Myers And by way of extending the theme:.

Always Be Closing. Traditional selling process acronym which emphasises the need to be continually moving the customer towards action and agreement within sales discussions ack T Rowe. Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

Whether this acronym originated in the armed services is not clear. These days it is just as applicable to the civilian work environment, and particularly the need to ensure a healthy work-life-balance. A reminder also for all managers and corporations that people who go the extra mile, beyond normal expectations, are to be treasured and suitably rewarded, not exploited.

A wonderful talking point for dinner parties, thanks Ralph Johnston. As above. Thanks A Brady. A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods. Action Conquers Terror. Straight to the point, very true, no-nonsense acronym thanks P Myers.

The human body and mind are capable of far more than we realise. Fears are truly conquered when we confront them. Action exposes fears and 'can't do' feelings as purely attitudinal. Action looks forward - completely disregarding the past or habit and inertia. Action - to start something new or to overcome an obstacle - is the simplest and surest way to make a change. Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation. The process of innovation, any field at all.

Deviate from it at your peril. Don Clark. These backronyms are not a reference to the Adidas company, merely wordplay using the name. Or Be Eaten? It's a mystery. See the pictures, kindly provided by Lorna. Apparently novelist Tom Clancy has used the term in this context. Medical acronym and useful mnemonic for remembering the different possible diagnoses of unconsciousness. Ack Dr Duffield. Ask For The Order. The 'psychological imperative' and one of the most important rules of selling, despite which, millions of sales people usually forget it.

Acute Gravity Attack. See also PAFO. Ack KP. Asshole Of The Year Award. From the consumer electrical equipment repair industry, although widely applicable elsewhere. An amusing acronym which all decent folk can privately enjoy when faced with irrational, threatening, anti-social behaviour and those exhibiting it, be they ignorant customers, bullying bosses, or aggressive next-door-neighbours, etc. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Your communications and communications processes in selling, advertising or any other efforts designed to motivate others to action must follow this sequence to succeed.

AIDA is a fundamentally powerful and useful communications model. It is also known as the Hierarchy of Effects. Also Known As. An remarkable acronym that's now so well established that it's virtually become a word, and certainly requires no reference to the original source words to be immediately understood.

Aka is truly up there with the all-time great acronyms like radar, scuba, quango and yuppie. Always Listen First. Obviously great for training sessions generally, also counselling, customer service, selling, etc, and relationships overall. M Booth. The metaphor is universal of course, although there would be certain destinations that could substitute and fit perfectly: Turkey, Tangiers, Australia, Alaska, etc.

No offence intended towards Alitalia organization - these terms are generic and for comment on air travel experiences in general.

A Learning Opportunity. Generally something you'd rather not do that someone else has decided will be 'good for you' All Mouth And Trousers. Acronym version of an old English expression. Alert, Oriented times 3 person, place, time. Nurses' and doctors shorthand used on patients' notes; this acronym transfers especially well to training sessions, to highlight the characteristics of someone fully alert and aware and paying attention to the tutor.

See also MEGO. All-Points Bulletin. Attentive, Peripheral, Empathic. The three main types of listening. Empathic listening is the skill of understanding meaning and motive in another's words, a considerably powerful ability. A Random act of Kindness.

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Free acronyms and dating sites description ideas finder and pradesh - business, training, medical, dating, technical, result2019 - acronyms, girl and abbreviations meanings. Glossary: acronyms and abbreviations [edit]. FFFF or vijaypur 4F's. The 29 P's uttar surviving bird-flu. Lifestyle and demographics profiles acronyms. Some of these acronyms could be considered 'politically incorrect', including a few which could be interpreted to be rude or offensive. As such be careful how and where you use them. And if you are easily offended please don't read the page. This free acronyms and abbreviations finder is a dictionary of useful acronyms and abbreviations for training, learning, teaching, etc. dating start flp files trance meaning in greek Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Full text of " A guide to modern Greek " See other formats B. Although the political su- premacy of Greece, even in its comparatively bastard Macedonian and Byzantine forms, in which, however, alone it can ever be said to have existed as a united and powerful nationality, has long been a thing of the past, the inherent vitality, and vigour, and self -recreating power of the Greek language have never waned, and in the present day Greek performs much the same office, as the language of the most thriving commercial race in the East, that it did in the days of Alexander's successors. The subjects of free Greece two millions and a half of souls are but a fraction of the Greek- speaking population of the East. A person with a competent knowledge of Modern Greek may travel nearly anywhere in the East without invoking the aid of that most terrible institution of modern tourism, the dragoman, who, by the way, is generally a Greek.