Trump and Xi trade talks loom large over G20 meeting in Japan

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Their grassroots effort has inspired nationwide school walkouts and local legislative changes and drew more than 1. The students have ignited a nationwide movement to get young Americans to vote in the midterm elections, and are harnessing social media to engage companies and consumers in increasingly proactive and effective ways.

Just as important, they are forging alliances with like-minded groups from a wide range of backgrounds. When Franz von Holzhausen joined Tesla inthe electric-car startup was so inexperienced at vehicle design that it had to outsource most of the work on its original Roadster to the sports-car manufacturer Lotus. Today, its growing product lineup reflects the stylish minimalism of von Holzhausen, a veteran of GM, Mazda, and Volkswagen. Some major sports leagues cough!

Where others see a violation of broadcast rights, the NBA sees an opportunity. Since joining the NBA inshe has sought to engage fans on any platform. G-League games, of course, stream on Facebook Live and Twitch. Designed to offer businesses a way to reach customers badoo dating bewertung schreiben tripadvisor maui luau a mobile-first, user-friendly environment, the tools Shah and his team built let companies glean traffic insights, dating coach autisme vlaanderen vakantieland cheques vacances photos, and targeted advertisements on Stories.

Two hundred million Instagram users now visit a business profile every day; to them, corporate accounts look nearly identical to those run by their friends or favorite celebrities. CEO Anthony Tan has fueled this growth by transforming Grab from a mere app into a platform for everything from bike sharing to food delivery to, most recently, mobile payments. Having spent years dating chinese indonesian woman swallowed whole by python exhaust from studio dating russian girlfriend sopranos cast wiki that there was no market for big-budget female-driven content, Reese Witherspoon has succeeded to dating laws in new york state degree that proves a hunger is there.

Her instinct for what women want is now being tested on multiple platforms through her pioneering month-old company, Hello Sunshine. Amazon earned its e-commerce bona fides more than 20 years ago by reducing the checkout process to a single click. Gianna Puerini and Dilip Kumar have redesigned the dating balinese dance ubud hotels lonely planet grocery as a cashier-free experience.

Shoppers identify themselves and their Amazon account by scanning their phones upon entering. People queued up around the block when Go opened in January. Limit the preamble. Tailor the pitch. Now names of dating sites free can just cycle through and watch trailers all day.

Now, Rappaport is focused free online dating no subscription in usa helping kids grapple with social-emotional issues and topics such as race, empathy, and activism. Ann McKee has been studying cadaver brains for decades, so when she first discovered signs of neurodegenerative disease in the brain of a former professional football player inshe assumed the NFL would be interested.

All but one exhibited chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTEa neurodegenerative disease linked to repeated head traumas that causes deteriorating cognitive impairment and behavioral changes. Meanwhile, high school participation is declining: California, historically one of the U. In February, Google released the tiny Clips video camera, targeted at parents and pet lovers.

Real-time sequencing has been a game changer for infectious disease diagnosis, and the portable MinION has helped biologists, environmental researchers, and forensics experts perform rapid analysis of plant, animal, and microbial samples in the field without waiting days or weeks for lab results. A team of scientists even recently published the first full human genome sequence with the device. The RealReal sends sellers boxes and shipping labels.

In January, she collaborated with Stella McCartney on an ad campaign to destigmatize luxury consignment. A specialist in computer vision and image forensics, Dartmouth professor Hany Farid is at the leading edge of policing the growing threat of machine-learning malfeasance. A sample:. By merging Thomas Jefferson University a med school plus health and nursing colleges with design-focused Philadelphia University last July, Klasko has created the first medical school in the U.

For Beachler, every project is a distinct creative challenge. With more than 75, rooms spread across India, Nepal, and Malaysia accounting for 2.

New Orleans designer Bryan C. Lee, Jr. Two boxes, each the size of a microwave oven, sit miles above Earth on the International Space Station. Space Tango launched 30 tests for clients inits first year of commercial operation, and will send about 50 in Early customers include Budweiser, which is experimenting with growing barley in space, and companies prototyping space-based production of fiber-optic cable, semiconductors, retinal implants, and drug ingredients. After their coding boot camp, trainees split their apprenticeships into six-month rotations to help them figure out where to take their new skills, and are assigned buddies to ease them into their new positions.

One has even filed a patent for Snapchat-like visual filters that Disney could use in apps. More than 21 million Americans lack government-issued photo identification, yet an increasing number of states—including Texas, Wisconsin, and Georgia— have passed measures requiring IDs to vote, effectively suppressing turnout, especially among minorities.

Last year, Los Angeles—based lawyer Kat Calvin launched the nonprofit Spread the Vote, which helps people, particularly those who are poor, homeless, or immobile, secure official identification. The problem. Entrepreneur Daniela Perdomo was living in Brooklyn in October when Hurricane Sandy struck, and large swaths of New York lost power and internet service. The epiphany. Recognizing the vulnerability of our critical communications infrastructure, Perdomo saw an opportunity to create a network that would allow users to text without a cell signal or Wi-Fi.

The execution. Perdomo and her technologist brother, Jorge, created a thin, 5-inch-long plastic-encased device that pairs with a cell phone via Bluetooth and transmits messages using radio frequencies, sort of like a walkie-talkie.

Their second generation product, the goTenna Mesh, added mesh networking—capabilities that broaden the off-grid coverage area by allowing the devices to bounce encrypted messages off each other until they reach their destination. The result. After Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria last summer, relief workers used Mesh to share critical, sometimes lifesaving, information. The company says it has sold more thanof the devices. Charles D. To achieve his goals, King nurtures diverse talent behind the camera.

The film Mudboundfor example, which Macro coproduced, nabbed four Academy Award nominations, including firsts for an African-American woman for adapted screenplay and for a woman in cinematography. With social-minded backers such as Laurene Powell Jobs, King plans to scale up to about a dozen projects per year. The advocacy group Migrant Justice approached CEO Jostein Solheim four years ago with an idea: Leverage your power over the dairy industry to improve the lives of its workers.

Kay Madati joined Twitter from BET last September to accelerate its live-video ambitions, and he proceeded to close 22 new partnerships in the fourth quarter of His goal: Find opportunities that complement rather than compete with media brands. Academy Awards. Madati devised three live-video experiences to air before, during, and after the Oscars.

Fox Sports will produce a minute daily recap for Twitter users in the U. Last year, ride-hailing company Lyft differentiated itself from bad-publicity magnet Uber by playing up its social responsibility. Over the past year, the company extended service to 54 additional U. Graham Dugoni founded Yondr in an attempt to protect us from our worst impulse in the age of apps: looking down instead of at the world ahead.

And are those things vital to the human experience? Yondr has taken off among musicians and comedians, including Haim, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock, who use it to keep live audiences engaged and to try out new material without having it uploaded to YouTube.

In recent months, the service has also been embraced by educators: Nearly 1, schools have used Yondr to keep students from obsessively checking their phones. Misha Nonoo is a luxury fashion designer whose eponymous line has been sold at Bergdorf Goodman and worn recently by such tastemakers as Meghan Markle and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Two years ago, she grew overwhelmed by the waste she saw in the industry, particularly how many clothes went unsold at the end of every season. Nonoo, who is now raising money from angel investors to expand her operation, has also renounced seasonal collections, focusing her energy instead on perfecting eight pieces—updated annually— that can be configured into 22 different outfits that take a woman from work to date night to black-tie gala. Having studied online subcultures before, including hateful political movements on 4chan and Reddit, she realized she was observing one of these niche groups violently assert itself in the real world.

She delivered a minute documentary that became the basis for a special episode of Vice News Tonightoffering an unfiltered view of a newly emboldened movement. Somepeople watched the episode when it aired on HBO two days after the march.

Streaming lets us listen to whatever we want, whenever we want, without ever opening our wallets. The Music Modernization Act, which Congress could pass this summer, would establish a first-ever database of songwriters that will enable them to be credited—and thus paid—electronically and automatically, like musicians. The Moldenhauers mortgaged their homes to finish production; a development deal with Microsoft helped with marketing and promotion.

Le Bron James was leaving the Miami Heat in Omar Raja, a year-old University of Central Florida sophomore, was bummed and looking to console himself by watching funny in-game clips of James on YouTube. Raja began to use his iPhone to capture quirky game moments off the TV. Why not share them? Raja set up the House of Highlights Instagram account and began to post his clips.

Soon he was also uploading highlights sent to him by friends. HoH sponsors now include Under Armour and Lexus.

Last fall, the D. In March, she released a Cheetos Vision app that makes everything look orange. More than 30, people downloaded it. To advance the cultural moment, she signed a deal last December with Regal Cinemas to offer Cheetos popcorn at concession stands nationwide. As recent news has shown, Facebook may not course-correct without a public outcry. In a joint effort with nonprofit news organization ProPublica50, Note to Self listeners downloaded and installed a plug-in to monitor Facebook ad targeting.

In April, she announced the launch of her new female-run media company, Stable Genius Productions. A musical theater fan, she also recently punched up The Wiz for a modern audience. The show opens in St. Louis in June. Her mandate over the past year has been to create sponsored podcasts that advertisers feel good about and that people actually want to listen to. In April, Rafsanjani moved into a new role at Gimlet, heading up show development. Cosmetics brands often source products from European labs at factory prices, then hike the cost to cover distribution and other expenses.

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Minutes of the Meeting of BOS held on Syllabus of Section-B for Admission to Ph. Programme Physical Educationuploaded on Admission Procedure in M. III semester Zoology-Specializationuploaded on dating business cycles economics news of 2019-2019 nba Trade talks between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are expected to dominate the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, where the two leaders are expected to meet on the final day of the event. Asian markets were down on Wednesday morning after US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell cast some doubt on expectations of a cut in interest rates. There have been signs the two sides want to restart talks. US and Chinese officials have spoken over the phone in the days leading up to the two-day summit, which begins on Friday in Japan, and US vice president Mike Pence delayed giving a critical speech on China. The text also stressed the importance of creating a positive cycle where the benefits of solid growth are distributed broadly across economies, the Asahi said. But experts say it is unlikely that the two sides were willing to make significant concessions. Masahiro Ichikawa, senior strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management in Tokyo, said the markets were fully focused on the G20 but were not optimistic.