How Badoo built a billion-pound social network... on sex

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This story appears in the August 31, issue of Forbes Magazine. The wall turns out to be a door. Behind it lies another set of doors, made of steel.

Dating doors yield to a cavernous elevator, large enough to comfortably fit two black SUVs. Andreev steps in. Former employees describe a Byzantine corporate structure, revolving around tax avoidance, that encompasses subsidiaries in places ranging from Cyprus to the Dating vietnam movie 2019 hindi song Virgin Islands, with strategy meetings in Malta thrown in for dating someone with anger and depression measure.

Meanwhile, no fewer than 13 former Badoo workers depict a employee company with a London headquarters that seems clearly toxic, especially for women, including internal engineering updates named after porn stars and a widely circulated video of one employee receiving oral sex from a prostitute.

His buzziest, however, is Bumble, the dating app focused on empowering women and giving them a safer environment. This presents a big problem for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe Herd launched Bumble in one of the great recent feats of corporate revenge. She had previously sued Tinder, where she had been an early executive, for sexual harassment, alleging that her ex-boss and ex-boyfriend sent threats and derogatory text messages, and the company stripped her of a cofounder title.

The company denied any wrongdoing. It was Andreev who reached out to Wolfe Herd shortly after the lawsuit, suggesting they collaborate. It was Andreev, Wolfe Herd underscores, who pushed for dating coach singapore handbags and gladrags mike woman-driven dating app on Bumble, the speed makes the first moverather than the social network Wolfe Herd initially proposed.

And it was and is Andreev who leveraged Badoo completely so that Bumble could launch into the market with force. At 12, he says, he built a crude ham radio that enabled him to have conversations with strangers around the world. His first conversation, during the Cold War, game with dating game killer movie on id in the U.

He attended the University of Moscow for less than a year before dropping out at The Iron Curtain had recently fallen, and he wanted to see the world. He wound up in Valencia, Spain, building and selling several startups including Virus, an online store that sold computers and computer accessories to Russian users of the nascent internet, unblocked SpyLog, a software tool to track site visitors, for smallish sums.

Then inhe created Begun, a company that helped advertisers target ads online, which caught the attention of Finam Holdings, a Russian investment firm. He reportedly sold the rest to Finam in Finally armed with some wealth, Andreev decided to tackle the burgeoning online dating world. In he launched Mamba, a bare-bones desktop dating site for Russian users. At the time, Match.

Mamba was free but users had an option to pay in order to push their profile to the top of the site. InAndreev began spending more time in London, settling in Covent Garden. Building off the success of Mamba, Andreev launched Badoo there in —a year before the launch of the iPhone—with the intent to reach customers in Europe and beyond.

Along the way he obtained citizenship in the U. In Octoberhe established Worldwide Vision Ltd. Worldwide Vision and Andreev then created a dozen subsidiaries in the U.

In June he created Magic Lab as a holding company for the dating apps. His explanation: Malta is where the company develops intellectual property. Badoo documents filed with the British government also show yet another entity, Rimberg International Corp. Andreev insists this entity has nothing to do with his dating apps.

InBadoo launched its iPhone mobile app, and his idea had finally found the correct tool. While Match. S imultaneous with this growth, Badoo began earning a reputation for wild parties. A private Facebook group of about Badoo alumni also contains references to the gatherings. By all accounts, Andreev did not go to these parties or participate in the email listserv, but he was aware of it, says a former engineer who worked closely with Andreev, and allowed the listserv to go on, despite objections from newly arrived executives.

The email listserv was eventually shut down in September Andreev denies having knowledge of it. More concerning, several former employees say office behavior was hostile and discriminatory toward women. We even whiteboarded it. Playing the game, in one case, meant watching a video of an employee receiving oral sex from a prostitute. Four former employees mentioned knowledge of this video—and one of them says she watched it at the urging of co-workers.

A spokesperson for Badoo dismisses the idea that a video existed. The American user base then was mostly Latino. Andreev would complain when he saw too many dark faces on the app—he believed it lowered the value of the brand and made it look cheap, says a former employee who worked on marketing campaigns. According to two employees who left recently, Andreev wanted to hire only young, attractive women for marketing and administrative roles.

Can you imagine her speaking to the press and being the face of Badoo? Again, Andreev denies this. The male employee was fired as a result. He appealed and, shortly after, in an email sent to the executive team including Andreev and Wolfe Herdthe HR department reversed its decision. A spokesperson for Badoo says that the company hired an external human resources consulting firm, which concluded that the termination had been too harsh. According to a former employee, the explanation given in the email from HR was that the man was excused from his behavior in part because he was intoxicated.

The male employee was reinstated but moved to a different floor after the female employee said she did not want regular interaction with him. In March this year, a female employee accused a male employee of bullying and harassment. Badoo again hired the external firm to launch an investigation. The accused employee was suspended during the investigation, which took three and a half weeks. He got a written warning, according to the company. As any HR matters are sensitive and confidential, I cannot give you more details.

N ot surprisingly, Badoo has seen large turnover at the executive level: This decade, only 3 of 11 C-suite execs Forbes found on LinkedIn lasted for more than 16 months. Over the past year, however, Andreev has made some changes to address issues raised here.

He put an end to the use of porn-star nomenclature in Juneand he sent a letter to Badoo employees last November declaring that discrimination in the workplace would not be tolerated. In January, in response to Glassdoor reviews that said sexism, racism and bigotry were a big part of everyday life at Badoo, the company sent a survey to female employees in the London office asking if they had experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination.

Several former Badoo employees said that the culture has slowly been improving in London, with new diversity and inclusion training as well as increased maternity leave. Andreev maintains that he is a collaborator and unifier, not racist or sexist as others allege, and that his apps are connecting more and more people around the world. Not only does Andreev own the majority of a woman-empowering dating tool, but that tool is intertwined with a burgeoning woman-centric Bumble mini-empire that encompasses a networking app, a venture capital fund backed by Serena Williams that primarily invests in female founders, a forthcoming skin care line, and an initiative that doles out grants to filmmakers.

And she stands firmly behind Andreev. Andrey has never been anything but kind and respectful to me. Wolfe Herd would need to recruit and train an entire engineering team, establish data centers and build a new infrastructure for the app. Angel Au-Yeung has been a reporter on staff at Forbes Magazine since She covers the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs and tracks how they use their money and power. Angel Au-Yeung Forbes Staff. Angel Au-Yeung.

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