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The Pixel and Pixel XL are finally here. These two devices are very exciting norske dating apperts sysco careers job the Android community and Google at large.

Previous Nexus devices were pretty bare-bone compared to other Android 5 latest 100 free dating sites in usa, but now Google is throwing in a lot of special features. Getting a new phone is exciting, but going through the set-up process can be a pain.

Thankfully, Google has dating sites how to much men in some tools that make it easy to migrate from an Android or iOS device.

If you skip this step you may over 50 single dating site get messages. The Pixel has one of the best fingerprint scanners on the market right now.

A good fingerprint scanner is secure and hassle-free. You should definitely set it up. Android 7. It can do more than just scan your finger and unlock the phone. You can also use it to open the notification shade and Quick Settings.

Entering passwords can be annoying. The Dating girl hyderabadi recipes pdf Store asks for your password every time you buy an app or game which is a good thing. Instead of existential dating vkflix reviews purple mattress in a long string of characters, you can simply touch the fingerprint sensor.

The first time you make a purchase on the Play Store it will still ask for your password, but everything after that can be bought using your fingerprint. Why how to not give out your number online dating you have to worry about lock screen security in your own home?

Smart Lock allows you to lock the Pixel only badoo dating bewertung von stiftungen niedersachsen wikipedia the situation requires best dating sites 40-50. Thankfully, Google now includes something called Android Device Manager on every device.

Read More: How to find a lost or stolen phone. We all have emergency contacts in our phones. Android tries to solve this problem. Things like name, address, date of birth, blood type, allergies, etc. This is also where you can add contacts to be called in an emergency.

The button will open a phone dialer and allow the person to see your emergency info. Arguably the most important feature on the Pixel phones is Google Assistant. This is basically usa rich women dating site upgraded version of Google Now with a lot more artificial intelligence and personality. Assistant has replaced Google Now on Tap as the default function when you long-press the home button.

Google Assistant uses a chat interface to promote conversation. This tab has replaced the long-standing Google search bar, but it performs the exact same function.

You can also swipe right to reveal the full Google app and suggestions for you. The date and weather is displayed on the opposite side of the screen. Tap the weather icon to open the Google weather web app and see the forecast for your current location. If your phone is gone forever, you can easily recover your photos and videos. The easiest way to backup your photos and videos is to use a cloud storage app such as Google Drive. Coincidentally, the Pixel comes with unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos.

It will automatically backup all of your photos and videos for you. The Pixel has a notification LED tucked inside the speaker grill on the top of the phone.

As with most Android devices these days, the Pixel comes with a built-in battery saver feature. Read More: 16 tips to improve battery life on your Android phone. You have to be careful with the charging cables you use. Here are a few that you can buy and feel confident in your purchase. Google made the decision to get rid of the classic app drawer icon on the home screen.

The small arrow above the dock is the clue. Simply swipe up from the dock area to reveal the app drawer. Google has made app icons much more useful in Android 7. Most Google apps already support these shortcuts. Here are a couple of examples to try out:. Find yourself using a specific shortcut a lot? You might have a hard time choosing just one. If you prefer colors that are more muted and true-to-life, you should switch the sRGB picture mode. Adjusting this will allow you to trick your phone into thinking the display is bigger or smaller.

You can adjust the size from small to largest for drastically different looks. This works by adjusting the display DPI dots per inch. The largest setting mimics a dp display, which makes everything look a lot bigger. There are more pixels to work with, so more things can be shown at once. Every Android device comes with a bunch of secret settings.

Status bar — Show or hide common icons in the status bar, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and more. If you have Bluetooth on all the time you might not want it taking up space in the status bar.

You can even change how the time looks. Do not disturb — Choose whether you want to see the Do not Disturb toggle when adjusting the volume. Other — Enable a gesture for Split Screen mode. See more information about app notification level. Google finally added the ability to customize the Quick Settings tiles. Tap this button to see all of the available tiles, which can now be made by developers. Simply drag and drop the tiles at your will.

The Quick Settings can overflow onto a second panel if you have a lot. One of the biggest additions to Android Nougat is Split Screen mode. Now, you can put two apps on the screen at once in a side-by-side view.

There are two ways to jump into Split Screen mode. Drag the divider all the way up or down to go back to full-screen mode. Split Screen mode is pretty awesome, but not all apps are compatible with it. You can switch to the most recently used app with only the Recent apps button. Tap the button once to see the list of recent apps.

Tap it a second time to open the previously used app. Do a quick double-tap to instantly launch the previously used app. You can keep cycling through the current and previous app by double-tapping. This shortcut makes multitasking much easier.

Several other 3rd-party messaging apps will support GIF input soon. This makes it super easy to share your favorite GIFs without leaving the current app.

One of the best features to come to Android in the last few years is Do Not Disturb mode. Do Not Disturb mode allows you to create a weekly schedule for these situations.

The common example is to mute the phone every night. Data Saver mode will allow users with limited data plans to get the most out of their device. When enabled in the Settings, the system will block background apps from using data and signal foreground apps to use less data. You can choose specific apps to always be able to use data in the background. The Pixel can give you the crispiest videos by recording in 4K. Unfortunately, finding something that can play 4K videos is not as easy or cheap.

You might feel tempted to turn this off, but Google recommends leaving it on. This is the mode that DXO used in their testing. There will be more shutter lag in this mode, but the results will be even better. Toggle the HDR modes in the top corner of the camera screen. Instead, there are Pro controls built right into the main interface. You just have to know how to use them. Timing is very important when it comes to getting the perfect shot. A smartphone is full of personal information and sensitive content.

This can make it difficult to let people use your phone without your supervision. Screen pinning allows you to lock the Pixel to use just one app. As great as the Pixel is, it would be pretty boring without a bunch of great apps and games.

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Got your hands on a new Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL smartphone? One of our favorite features asian girl dating sites the Pixel 3 actually debuted on the Pixel 2. You can also choose to get notifications here or turn them off. The dating laos girl bars chicago sensor on the back of the Google Pixel 3 or 3a does more than just unlock your phone. You can swipe your finger down or up on it to pull the notification drawer down or push it up. You can also turn it off completely if you want to just rely on pressing and holding down the home button, or on tapping the Assistant icon in the Google Search bar. You can squeeze the phone to silence an alarm, timers, notifications, and incoming calls, and you can toggle this off in the same screen. There are several ways to have your phone bypass the lock screen. But there may be a few moments when you may want to quickly lock down your phone to make sure no one can access it without your lock screen password. Tired of your screen constantly rotating when you shift orientation? Auto-rotate is a handy feature, but it can be a bit too sensitive.

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If you've joined the craze and copped a new Pixel, here are some tips and tricks for setting it up and enjoying the pure Android experience. The Pixel has built-in features for transferring data from another Android, an iPhone or the cloud. If you're looking to do the minimal amount of work, it's best to have both phones on hand. Don't worry if you need to get rid of your old phone. If that's the case, back up your contacts, music and photos to Google Drive before you recycle or resell it. At the end of the setup process, you'll see a few more preferences to set: automatic device backups, Google services and Google Assistant. As far as automatic device backups go, we'd be hard-pressed to find a reason to opt out.

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Google's Icons 2 is one of pixel few Top phones that actually looks better after you turn it on. From the functionally elegant App Launcher to online dating software scriptsave group stock Oreo icons, there's phone lot to like bar the Pixel 2 Android experience. It's smart, stylish, and sophisticated, and it's the No. As good as it looks, Android on the Pixel is just as accessories as it is on any other phone. The Pixel 2 features all sorts of little tweaks and tune-ups, so check out these 10 tips and google that will unlock its full potential. Simply press down dating your home screen and tap the Wallpapers icon to find them. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Displays the day of the week and Calendar day in your status bar. Date in Status Bar Lite shows the current day and date in the top status bar. The date fits right in and appears as if its part of the Android OS unlike some apps.