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Seattle Big girl dating uk, Inc. Based on our speed plans, we believe that the net proceeds from this offering and the concurrent private placement, together with our existing cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities, will be sufficient to fund our operations through at least December This expected use of the net proceeds from this offering and the concurrent private wichita backpage dating women seeking men represents our intentions based upon our current plans and business conditions.

As of the date of this prospectus, we cannot predict with certainty all of the particular uses for the net proceeds to be received upon the closing of this offering and the concurrent private placement or the amounts that we will actually spend on the uses set forth above.

The amounts and timing of our actual expenditures and the extent of clinical development may vary significantly depending on numerous factors, including the progress of our development, the status of and results from preclinical studies or clinical trials we may commence in the future, as well as any collaborations that we may enter into with third parties for our product candidates, and any unforeseen cash needs.

As a result, our management will retain broad discretion over white guy black girl dating reddit allocation of the net proceeds from this offering and the concurrent private placement.

Pending our use of proceeds from this offering and the concurrent private placement, we intend to invest the net proceeds in a variety of capital preservation instruments, including short-term, investment-grade, interest-bearing instruments and U. The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, including the oncology dating tonight nyc housing lottery connect, are characterized dating rapidly advancing technologies, intense competition, and a strong emphasis on intellectual property.

Any candidates that we successfully develop and commercialize will have to compete with any existing therapies as well as therapies that may be developed in the future. While we believe our ACTR platform and scientific expertise provide us with competitive advantages, we face substantial competition from many different sources, including large and specialty pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies, academic research institutions and governmental agencies, and public and private research institutions.

Due to their promising clinical therapeutic effect in clinical trials, we anticipate substantial direct competition badoo dating site ukraine currency vs indian other organizations developing advanced T cell therapies and other types of oncology therapies.

In particular, Kite Pharma, Inc. In addition, some companies, such as Cellectis SA, are developing allogeneic cell therapies that could compete with our products. In particular, Macrogenics, Inc. We believe that other known types of immunotherapies, such as certain check-point inhibitors, may be used in conjunction with ACTR platform to increase efficacy. However, we cannot predict whether other types of immunotherapies may be developed and show greater efficacy and we may have direct and substantial competition from such immunotherapies in the future.

Such immunotherapies are being pursued by several biotech companies as well as by large-cap pharma. Many of our current or potential competitors, either alone or with their collaboration partners, have significantly greater financial resources and expertise in research and development, manufacturing, preclinical testing, conducting clinical trials, and marketing approved products than we do.

Mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and gene therapy industries may result in even more resources being concentrated among a smaller number of our competitors. Smaller or early-stage companies may also prove to be significant competitors, particularly through collaborative arrangements with large and established companies.

These competitors also compete with us in recruiting and retaining qualified scientific and management personnel and establishing clinical trial sites and patient registration for clinical trials, as well as in acquiring technologies complementary to, or necessary for, our product candidates. Our product candidates are composed of ACTR T cells co-administered with approved and commercially available antibodies or antibodies in preclinical or clinical development.

Our vision is to use our ACTR platform to transform cancer treatment and deliver patient cures in many different hematologic and solid tumor cancers, improving upon current cell therapies.

We recently completed patient enrollment into the dose escalation phase of this trial and are advancing towards testing in an expanded patient cohort using an optimized dose of ACTR to support potential registration trials. Our pipeline also includes two additional product candidates in clinical testing. In the longer term, we aim to leverage our ACTR platform to develop a broad range of product candidates to address many different hematologic and solid tumor cancers.

Adoptive cell therapies are one immuno-oncology approach for cancer treatment. Modified cells are then re-introduced into the patient to treat disease. Chimeric antigen receptor CAR -T cells are one type of adoptive cell therapy. Severe side effects, such as cytokine release syndrome CRS and neurotoxicity, have been observed in some patients. For certain CARs, on-target, off-tumor effects have led to patient deaths.

These toxicities and specific solid tumor challenges create a need to better control the activity of these therapies. Our product candidates use patient-derived T cells, which are genetically modified to express the ACTR protein and co-administered with a tumor-specific antibody.

ACTR is a chimeric protein which combines components from proteins normally found on both T cells and natural killer cells, two types of human immune cells. The natural killer cell component enables binding to tumor cell-bound antibodies and the T cell component enables potent cytotoxicity, proliferation, and persistence. When an ACTR T cell encounters a tumor cell bound with antibodies, it binds to those antibodies and kills the tumor cell through a process known as antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity ADCCa function not normally observed with T cells.

No special modification of the tumor-specific antibody is required in order for ADCC to take place. ACTR T cells can be directed to a wide range of different cancer cell antigens through the co-administration of antigen-specific antibodies. Preclinical data from in vivo testing show that ACTR T cell-mediated tumor killing activity may be adjusted by modulating the dose of the targeting antibodies. This ability to adjust ACTR T cell activity could make it possible to define an optimal dose through clinical testing to maximize tumor-killing activity and minimize toxicity.

Two dose levels were explored in the dose escalation phase of this trial. Expansion and persistence of ACTR T cells was observed in all patients evaluable for response in both tested dose levels for as long as monitoring continued, consistent with what has been observed in CAR-T trials. At the first dose level of this trial, seven patients were treated with ACTR used in combination with rituximab and six patients were evaluable for response.

Of the six evaluable patients, two complete responses and one partial response were observed. As of March 7,one of the complete responses was ongoing. No adverse events commonly associated with T cell activation CRS or neurotoxicity of any grade were observed. At the second dose level of this trial, nine patients were treated with ACTR used in combination with rituximab a tenth patient was treated at the first dose level due to patient cell production limitations.

Six of these patients were evaluable for response at the day follow-up as of March 7, Three partial responses have thus far been observed, one of which was ongoing as of March 7, We also observed dose-limiting toxicities in three patients within this cohort and concluded that under this treatment regimen, the second dose level exceeds the maximum tolerated dose.

We plan to report preliminary data from this expansion cohort at the end of ACTR is a modified ACTR construct designed to generate a more potent and sustained immune response to overcome immunosuppressive tumor microenvironments commonly found in solid tumor cancers. ACTR demonstrated activity against both hematologic and solid tumor cancers in preclinical studies.

We are currently enrolling and dosing patients, and we expect to report initial data from the clinical trial in the fourth quarter of We plan to continue enrolling patients in this trial into We expect to leverage data from the Phase I clinical trial in future studies by combining ACTR with a variety of antibodies targeting different cancers. Seattle Genetics. Our principal executive office is located at Cambridge Park Drive, SuiteCambridge, Massachusettsand our telephone number is Our website address is www.

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The warning seems to indicate that China will retaliate against the U. The warning seems to center on China restricting rare earth minerals to the U. Few know what the consequences will be if China reduces the sale of dating cafe moenchengladbach fussball wm deutschland news earth minerals in the current trade war. The current expansion beats the month-long period of an expanding economy from to The average length of the 12 expansions since has been This one is months and counting. The total number of layoffs stood at over , a The layoffs are the highest for a first quarter since More than half of all apartments in Bay County, Fla. Panama City Community Development data shows that of 8, apartments in Bay County, only 3, were considered livable and of those, only two were available as of May No new units are expected to be available for four to six months, or about a year after the hurricane hit. In the first four months ofautomakers had dismissed 19, workers. That is more than triple the 6, layoffs in the first four months of Department of Commerce. One of the largest biotechs of the IPO market is going public this week. Its goal? To grasp the holy grail of medicine: a therapy that combats the effects of age. The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc. Enter up to 25 symbols separated by commas or spaces in the text box below. dating cafe cellectis pipeline testing jobs Registration No. Washington, D. FORM S Precision BioSciences, Inc. Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter. State or other jurisdiction of. Primary Standard Industrial.