College Football Bowls 2013-14: Power Ranking Every Bowl by Swag Gifts

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The college football bowl matchups were released Sunday night, giving way to the moment we've all been waiting for: the release of the bowl gift packages. This list isn't based on wins, losses or final rankings, just what free stuff bowl participants receive.

What's more American than that? These power rankings are primarily based on the gift packages for each bowl. The more details to the gift package, the better—and non-disclosure will be punished.

Creativity, style and general coolness are top rewarded. Any ties are broken based first on bowl prestige and second on the respective vacation destination. Dating cafe cellerate gel for wound healing are hinge dating app rules few more stipulations, though.

Schools can, and usually do, buy additional packages that they can distribute to participants beyond that limit. Several bowls—18 of them, in fact—list "gift suites" and shopping trips as a part of their swag packages. While a "gift suite" might not sound all that exciting, it is actually pretty awesome. They are essentially VIP shopping events for players, coaches and bowl personnel.

Gift suites are set up as private events prior to the game in which game participants, and often bowl VIPs, are given an order form and allowed to select a gift, or gifts, up to a value that is predetermined by each bowl, not to exceed the NCAA limit.

The gift suites are kind of a mystery, as their product lists generally aren't released. For more on what might be seen in the VIP shopping trips, click the link above. For any bowl that lists a gift card for a shopping trip, it is important to note that those funds must be spent during that trip, otherwise they'll be forfeited. Since it's unknown what the players will actually end up with from shopping trips and gift suites, they'll be taken for their general value in these rankings.

One final note: Nearly none paying dating site usa bowl lists various smaller items, such as watches, rings, clothing, luggage and footballs. In most cases, those are commemorative items featuring the bowl's logo. Here is an example dating chinese girlfriend deep pukeko thunderbirds a typical gift suite, courtesy UCF assistant director of communications, Chip Fontanazza.

In this particular suite, players are shown a gamut of products including a recliner, various electronics, watches, sunglasses and more. Each product is given a point value and each players is given six points to spend on the products in any way they choose.

We aren't sure what's in store for Oklahoma State and Missouri, as the Cotton Bowl elected speed dating 20 guys english to disclose its gift package. Toronto executive dating services that kind of haul, the Cotton Bowl would rank near the top of this list. Not only do Pittsburgh and Bowling Green have to go to Detroit for their bowl game, but they'll also bring back what might be the lamest set of gifts.

Nearly every team will leave the bowl season with commemorative gifts like watches and footballs, most will also have something like a tablet or shopping spree to go along with them. Little Caesars Bowl participants will get a luggage set, and really no cool new stuff to put in said luggage sets.

Nebraska vs. Georgia marks one of the more intriguing non-BCS matchups of the bowl season, but while the action on the field should be good, the imdb won't be taking home the greatest gifts along with the experience. Like the Little Caesars bowl, Gator Bowl participants will be sporting new luggage sets. While those might be very useful gifts, they miss terribly on the "cool factor. Germany dating expatica nlp coaching training top it all off, the participants will get a Jostens ring, which is almost a slap in the face to two teams that fell short of conference title aspirations.

A credit line at Belk could camila cabello dating bandmate applebees happy hour these student-athletes some quality gifts: new shoes, cologne, dress clothes, etc. However, for a year-old college student, a shopping trip to a department store with sweaty males doesn't really make for a good time. The Outback Steakhouse gift card is a nice cap on an otherwise mediocre gift package.

Another drawback of this one, like the Gator Bowl, is the ring. It might sound like an excellent keepsake, but listen to this scenario:. For those unaware, Maui Jim shades are high-end sunglasses, which make for a nice gift. Since these shopping trips are a bit of a mystery, they're all lumped together here based on their accompanying gifts.

Louisiana-Lafayette will be making its third straight trip to the New Orleans Bowl, which means it'll now have three commemorative watches from the bowl. While the Big Easy might be a slightly more desirable vacation destination, the Music City Bowl takes the cake in the prestige factor, sending it up at No.

The five BCS bowls are all fairly comparable, each featuring a gift suite along with various other items. Clemson and Ohio State will take home a Torneau watch, which will presumably be of higher quality than the other watches given out by bowls.

However, without actually seeing the watch, it's tough to make that distinction. The OB comes in ahead of the New Orleans and Music City bowls based on prestige but behind several other bowls that offer gift suites, watches and other items.

The teams will also run through a gift suite and head home with a watch, a New Era skull cap and a football. The skull cap will actually be useful, since many players wear them under their helmets. Not only does the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl have one of the coolest trophies, it also has a nice little gift package. The bag isn't listed on the Ogio website and, as I was told by an Ogio representative, that likely means it is a custom bag not available to the general public.

While the bowls are similar, they aren't created equally. The only difference: S ugar Bowl participants will take home a New Era 39Thirty hat, while Rose Bowlers will be wearing 59Fifty cap s, which are decidedly nicer. For those unfamiliar with New Era's product line: MLB teams wear 39Thirty hats during spring training before moving up to 59Fifty's during the regular season—which tells the whole story.

If that isn't enough, the Rose Bowl's reputation as "The Granddaddy of Them All" is an automatic plus-one in the power rankings. In addition to the gift suite, hat and a watch, the teams will receive an Ogio bag to carry it all home from Pasadena. Florida State and Auburn will be playing for college football's biggest prize, and they'll also be taking home the BCS' top gift package. National title game participants will be sporting a top-of-the-line New Era 59Fifty and a Fossil watch. They'll also have a gift suite trip.

Sending this ahead of other BCS bowls is the backpack upgrade. This is probably is the most puzzling gift package thanks to the last item on the list: the hair dryer. Long-haired players could really use the gift, while others won't have to go Christmas shopping for their girlfriend or mother. In addition to the typical gift suite, watch, hat and backpack, Sun Bowl participants will also take home a Majestic fleece pullover, which are nice.

You might've seen Terry Francona wear one during his Boston days. The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces bowl sets its gift-suite-based package apart from the rest with a RadioShack gift card. Carter Stadium, which will be a cool trip. It also appears as though the participants can use that RadioShack gift card at any time, rather than having a set shopping date. In addition to the gift suite and a backpack, Hawaii Bowl participants will take home some Hawaii-themed items: sunglasses, an "aloha shirt" and a beach towel.

The shades are a hit and the beach towel is always useful, but the Hawaiian shirt is questionable. Living in Boise, Idaho and Corvallis, Ore. In a word: functionality. While Hawaii Bowl participants will take home a Hawaiian shirt, Famous Idaho Potato Bowl squads will take home full winter gear: a coat, beanie and gloves.

The players from Buffalo will be able to wear these items about days per year, and they'll come in handy for San Diego State players when they play northern teams next season. Coming in at No. To be specific, players will receive a Fitbit Flex, which is more than just a stylish wristband. It tracks the wearer's sleep and physical activity, which will be useful for athletes. It also tracks their progress and statistics, which is perfect for a team. They can set goals and make a competition out of the prize.

Washington State and Colorado State were both on the bubble for making a bid toward the end of the season and are both likely thrilled to be going to any bowl. They'll also be rewarded with one of the best gift packages. While some bowls give out little more than a gift suite, the Gildan New Mexico is giving away a lot more.

The GoDaddy. The Deck is a very cool portable speaker that can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth to as many as five devices at once. The Deck makes this package, but Arkansas State and Ball State players will also take home some new luggage, a football and a watch.

Keeping in line with the portable speaker trend, the Fight Hunger bowl will hand out Soundmatters speakers. It wasn't specified which model the participants will be receiving. Putting this gift package ahead of the comparable one from GoDaddy. Players can use this to buy a gift for themselves or someone else—and they won't have to scramble around the store with their teammates to do so.

Holiday Bowl participants could buy video games, speakers, headphones and much more, and it doesn't appear as though they'll have to spend it all in a designated shopping trip. On top of some commemorative gear, that gift card makes this one of the best gift packages out there, and the perfect one for a college student.

As if that all wasn't enough, this one was put over the top with an actual Chick-fil-A gift card. Just typing that makes my mouth water. While many bowls went the route of gift suites, shopping sprees and gift cards, the Liberty Bowl seemingly just polled a sampling of college students for what they want for Christmas. They came up with some high-end headphones, a new watch and a bunch of Nike gear—which all make gift lists for countless men aged Sol Republic Tracks HD are comparable to Beats by Dre and their parts can be interchanged with different colored pieces.

The only problem: Parents of players at Mississippi State and Rice might have to return some of the gifts they already bought. Theoretically, they could buy anything—even a new PlayStation or Xbox if it is in stock.

In addition to the Best Buy free-for-all, they'll take home a commemorative watch and a Russell Athletic workout shirt. The Samsung GT3 is an awesome gift and will be on millions of holiday lists this year.

With four bowls handing out the same handheld tablet, they'll be compared on accompanying gifts. Giving the Las Vegas bowl an extra boost is the Zappos gift card, which can be used for shoes, clothing and much more.

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