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Taeyong : Doyoung will choose yourself, right? The person who wins rock-scissors-papers can date taeil. Yuta : Ohhh! He is manly and hilarious! Mark : Exactly! The reason is the same. Yuta traffic light dating game is manly and humourous. And dating Jaehyun hyung would be like a romantic drama. Doyoung : I hope somebody will choose you, Mark. All : Woo! Johnny 127 They love each other!

Jaehyun : I believe you have to have something in common with someone you love. Mark and I have lots in common. All : Wow! Doyoung : Why? Because he would love someone deeply? Yuta : The reason is because he is a strong-willed person. Winwin : Mark is pure and funny. Mark : I feel like we could discuss about it all day. As the filming approaches, Jungwoo looked nervous.

Jaehyun and Jungwoo filmed a scene using wires! Posts Ask me anything Archive. NCT Interview modelpress Pt. If you were a girl, which member would you like to be your boyfriend? Mark : That rarely happens to me, so it was fun to listen to. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos.

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Anon: Taeil Love your blog and your writing style! To safe you some time and stress, this is for NCT : What are the pros and cons of dating each member? Like what would be the good things and what would be the difficulties? Good luck on your exams! Thank you for the request! The rest of the members are under the cut because this is a very long post lol. You can find the pros and cons of dating Ten here! Originally posted by planettaeil.

Q5. If you were a girl, which member would you like to be your boyfriend?

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Taeil, also known as Moon Taeil, is a South Korean singer. Kun and WinWin then formally debuted by means of collaborating in Chinese promotions of the group. He was born on June 14,and is currently daniel j hayes baldwin ny social dating girlfriends quotes laughter years old. He is the main vocalist of NCT He looks like a bit like Lee Dong Wook, as he is godly handsome and attractive. But he is apparently the least attractive member in NCT. When he was in his school, he was very attentive in his studies. Taeil was very shy and did not talk too much as like others. Even now, he is very shy and seems really nervous on camera compared to others. Originally posted by sukkeroku. Taeil would bring you to his favorite music cafe ordering you a drink. Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou. You could imagine him giggling throughout the phonecall and faint teasing of the other members. He would ask you to meet him at a amusement park and both of you would have the time of your lives.