NCT Members Profile: SM’s Neo Culture Technology

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This took a long time and fyi the things stated below are just my opinions. Also no gifs cause this is a long ass ride already. This is just a very quick post, but I hope you like it!!! Originally posted by im-chanqkyun.

Jungwoo would look best with someone short to average height with a delicate appearance. Someone who dresses simply in pale colours and likes thin, free dating sites no sign up over 40 jewellery.

Jungwoo also prefers wild and un-dyed hair, preferably a big main of dark, curly hair. Someone with a deep voice but a pretty laugh. Originally posted by neotechs. A fast walker. Very open to date any race but there definitely needs to be the ability to clearly communicate bc this boy will talk a lot.

Someone who kind of looks messy in their appearance. Someone who has sites eyes and pretty hair and pretty hands. As long as they managed nct, their physical traits could, and would, vary. Anon: Hello!! Could you do an ideal type personality and looks for NCT U?? I love your blog by the way. Remember this is just my opinion and is definitely not accurate. Also, thanks for everyone dating has been sending in very sweet messages and supporting me! Originally posted by moonlighting A motherly girl, someone dating has similar traditional views to him and will be willing to move to Korea for him.

Speaks very well and articulates their opinions well and clearly, with the ability to not only listen to rayando but speak their own mind when asked. Someone good with advice and has some experience in things so he can learn from them and with them.

Someone who prefers rain over sun, winter over summer translation tea over coffee - a soft spoken and gentle soul. Originally posted by 94ten. Someone whose an extroverted introvert and can speak if approached reddit dating chinese girls advice on boys and sports asked to. Someone younger than him free has a mature vibe and will keep members youthful.

Can listen to him and not say what he wants to here - he wants someone who will give him a wake up call, or a push if he needs south. Originally posted by nakamotens. A smiley and tips on dating a younger women memes sarcasm person.

Someone who is hardly ever affected by hate or negativity and has the ability to spread happiness wherever they go. Someone who is respected by men seeking women marrage and is african leader dating violence ribbons galore coupons contact can listen to others and also direct them well.

Likes adventures and stepping outside their comfort zone and is willing to sacrifice a lot for your relationship if needed Someone who is generally quite independent and fearless, but needs him for support and someone to protect them.

Someone with a regular job and life who will keep him grounded and help him stay humble and sane. A family-orientated person; not just with blood-related family members but close friends whom you could basically call family and will happily welcome new people in. Originally posted by s-eojohnny. Someone whom he can admire and respect - basically worship and idolise.

An emotionally strong person who will help him and his sensitive self. Someone with experience and will help him grow is self-confidence and with his idol duties.

A polite and caring person, even if first meeting them, they seem cold and unwelcoming. Someone fiercely loyal to him and will always support him and cheer him on in life, be his biggest fan.

Can hold a conversation and prefers to listen over talk - but can still take lead if need be. Someone who has a comfortable and homely vibe to them, whom he can be open and weird with without fear of judgement. Someone who wants to have a big family and thinks that family must always be your highest priority.

A person who will love him for who he is, without bringing up his past or think him of Taeyong from NCT. Has done some kind of charity work, or is still invoked with it, and will inspire him to do the same and spread charity and justice from his idol platform. Originally posted by neoculturedaily. Someone with a dirty mind and will have secret inside jokes with him.

Someone willing to play practical jokes on one another without getting mad or angry. Likes rock or heavy metal music whom he can talk with all night long. A fit person who is active and likes to watch him play or actually play with him. Someone who is secretly sensitive and relies on him a lot.

Someone who has good conversation and knows exactly what to say. Someone who know what they want and will always get it justly. Will get on with his members and siblings and will not only support him, but them too and will treat them well. Spontaneous and unpredictable. Will shower him with affection and gifts and now expect anything in return. An optimistic. Thanks and I love your blog xx. These are so short, sorry! He definitely would like a neat and clean-cut girl.

He is very competitive and possessive as well so he probably would also like a girl who is fun and competitive as well as loyal to him. Doyoung also said at a fansign he likes polite girls. Doyoung is very polite himself and smart so he would look for a girl who also is.

He is corny and a smart-mouth so a girl with a good sense of humor would fit him well. Originally posted by yonges. Chittaphon would look for a worldly and smart girl, someone who understands Korean as well as Thai culture. She has to speak Thai, Korean, or English.

He has said before he likes girls with tan skin. He is very athletic as well and would enjoy a charming and sporty girl who is fun to be around. Originally posted by taeyongitslow.

Taeil is quiet and reserved most of the time. The girl who would fit him would have to be kind and caring, but also sensible and loyal. Originally posted by pcystagram. The only thing Jaehyun has said about his ideal type is liking long, straight hair. She definitely needs to be well-mannered and smart, but also outgoing and kind. Originally posted by Mark would look for a girl similarly to Ten. She would need to be bright and charming as well as playful and fun.

He would be ecstatic if she could speak both Korean and English as well. He likes girls who are open-minded yet also respectful and mature. Originally posted by kimbaprolls. Which nct member would be into badass type, pretty girl with hot body and leather jacket you know ; that every lesbian and bi bottom girl drools over for. Would be way too intimidated to even approach her : Taeyong, Doyoung, Jungwoo. Would freak out when she approaches him. Tries to play it cool but still ends up being hella awkward: Ten, Mark, Yuta.

He prefers to be the badass in the relationship i. Anon: hi hi!! Thank youuu! Anon: Please please please do the ideal types of the next 5 members, personality and appearance. Sorry that this has taken a while to come out! Hopefully it was worth the wait! Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Also thank you to everyone who sent in messages and helped me with this! It really helped! Originally posted by exoticnctlife.

He might slightly prefer shorter people though, because he is still quite young and probably would want to be the one who dominates and looks after the other rather than vice versa. Definitely someone who laughs and smiles a lot and will always laugh at his jokes even tho most of the time they r CRaP lmfaooo.

Dresses with beanies and sweaters and likes odd patterns and colour matches.

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NCT has a very unique group concept, because they dating designed to have unlimited number of members and sub-groups. The baptist florida college no dating currently has 18 members:. NCT promotes in different sub-units. Go download the app! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Pentagon Members Profile. EXO Members Profile. Please enter your comment! Artist Profiles. The group debuted in units, which were each assigned for different markets around the globe. Dislikes science. Likes playing the piano. Interesting Facts: Actor Gong Myung is his older brother. Favorite color is blue.