Are You Ready for a Relationship?

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The Suffering and the Glory. User Comments 23 Speaker Info. If you were blessed by this message, please email star broadcaster add a comment Add Comment. Self-Claimed Christians are not truly saved, because they don't live with Christ and in God. They still live with their worldly desires and depend on their might and means. Truly saved Christians don't even try hard to live like Christ.

Their pure best dating spots in metro manila whole dependence on God obedience gets lead by the Holy Spirit and become Christ-like. For this purpose, the truly saved Christians read, study, and practise the Bible teaching. They do their best to keep Speed dating vkmix botched before and after commands.

They don't waste time with the unsavable. The verse ''judge not, dating a lebanese girl dancer with backwards foot that you will not be judged'', really means God is in control, so that believers don't need to concern others who are not following Christ way.

God judges them and deal with them according to their misgivings. Instead, Christ is saying we must focus on ourselves to train, discipline ourselves, and solidify our faith in Christ. The truly saved Christians should not waste all the god given resources on dogs and pigs. There are plenty of them in churches and the Christian community.

We have to cultivate discernment based on sound knowledge and godly wisdom. Your message is what I hear from my Pastor every Sunday. The majority of churches do not hear this kind of teaching, but I hear it every Sunday. My church's name is The Englewood Baptist Church. Come and visit us when you come this part of the country. I'm in Brisbane. Please- Thank you I have been a Christian for a brief period of time, but I can tell you that you have certainly impacted me more in the little time I have heard your sermons than the last few years just going to Church an trying to read my bible on my own!

Thank you so much Pastor Washer! You are truly a great God fearing Pastor, and I can almost see you as a mentor for me! I will always give all the Glory to God! Blessings, Ramon. Father God Blesssssssssssssssss him and his family and ministry Am wondering if there are any other reformed Christians out here in Sydney?

Please contact me if you are in Sydney and intrested in being part of a reformed church. So powerful is God's word!! Praise God for you Paul Washer for bringing it to us in God's truest form!! I feel like putting an ad somewhere just to get some sort of fellowship here in Perth. I've prayed to no avail if you hear of a church over here please let me know.

God Bless you. God bless you. God bless you brother. I love you! It is also frightening and condemning from a so-called Christian point of view because it exposes the majority of "Christians" for what they are but it needs to be done! He doesnt try and make the bible and the gospel fleshly. So many church are so focused on us and the individual.

Its all about Jesus. When we stop thinking about ourselves and how to make us feel better. We come to understand our place. We are to be representatives of Christ.

Paul Washer is a truth speaking preacher. I like him. This is essential to getting the sinner to fully undersand and believe in the work that Christ did on the cross. If there is no depravity of man, there is no grace from God. I thank God Almighty fr preachers like Washer. We need him here in NY state for sure. Washer in this one.

Must listen to! You think you have it bad,you should come and live here,in Australia,all the teaching we get come's from America,and I'm just waiting for preacher's like Paul Washer to filter through. May our Lord Jesus see fit to revive His work in us today.

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Radio Streams. SA Radio. VCY America. My Favorite Things. Grace Community Church. Contact Info Edit. Add to Favorites MyChurch. Mobile Apps Info. Enjoy sermons from this broadcaster on a variety of mobile devices. Play Audio! Play 16kbps MP3. Format: H. Play Video! View Transcript! Download PDF

Fundamentalist pastor from Georgia visits Scandinavia, is horrified by their nonbelief

You must earn the right to have a relationship with a daughter of God. In this teaching session on Biblical Manhood, Paul Washer explains what a young man must be in order to consider beginning a relationship with the opposite sex. Paul Washer 8 years ago. Mack Tomlinson 6 years ago. Steve Lawson 9 years ago. Tim Conway 2 years ago. Take a fundamentalist and creationist preacher from the southern U. American pastor Marty McLain visits the secular Nordic countries. What role does religion have in the Nordic society? How do the Nordic people relate to God, faith and spirituality? How does it differ from the US? Host: Joakim Rundt. An old woman of 90 from Valdres in Norway had a vision from God in The evangelist Emanuel Minos had meetings where she lived. He had the opportunity to meet her, and she told him what she had seen. He wrote it down, but thought it to be so unbelievable that he put it in a drawer. After 30 years, he understood he had to share the vision with others.