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Benefit from a unique language experience. With millions of reliable translations, discovering new cultures is now easier than ever before. On the go or abroad? You can count on Linguee, with or without an Internet connection. Whether terms high school or at university, boost your language skills the dating chat dos and donts way.

Ever wondered if other people have translated your phrase before? Launch a targeted web search for translations and choose the best solution. Find translations engineers use for technical parts. Learn how major law firms express legal terms in French, Spanish, and German. Whatever your field, always find the expert's translation. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "" Copy.

Your bilingual dictionary A gateway to the world Benefit from a unique language experience. Free download On the go or abroad? French, Spanish, German, and more Good grades at your fingertips Whether in high school or at university, boost your language skills the smart way. Your time is precious Linguee is so intuitive, you'll get your translation even before you've finished typing. Foreign languages at work A world of translations.

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Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. This free app is able to translate words and text from French to English, and from English to French. Best app for easy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary.

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