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If you have just moved to France, it's likely you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Apart from a new culture and language to cope with, in your first few weeks here you will have to sort out a host of practical things: somewhere to live, your finances, permits and papers, and maybe a school for your children and a job for your partner.

The Expat Survival Guide will give you a starting point: the basic information you need, plus plenty of phone numbers for companies and organisations that can help you out. This guide is published by Expatica — news and information for expatriates and the leading voice of expatriate Europe. Expatica's best free internet dating sites 2019 www.

We hope you find this guide and Expatica's other products useful — and we wish you a wonderful stay in France!

No part of this publication may be reproduced, or transmitted, in any form by any means, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system without prior written permission from the publisher.

Expatica makes great effort to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this guide. However, we will not be responsible for errors or omissions or any damages, howsoever caused, which result from its use, and make no warranty of claims as to the quality or competence of businesses or professionals mentioned.

Company names highlighted in red have paid for advertising in the guide. Users are advised to take care when selecting professional services, and to use common sense in adjusting to life free online dating milwaukee wildlife preserves in costa another country. Introduction France offers diverse regions of very different climates and topographies, a wide choice of leisure training, a landscape replete with reminders of its rich culture and history and, notably, beloved traditions of culinary excellence.

Among European states, France has a relatively high level of material wealth, an excellent public and private health service, a generous welfare system, childcare and education systems with high dating movie comedy trailer editors and predators at low cost to the public, an excellent transportation infrastructure and a culture that values quality of life over material affluence.

We wrote last year that France was suffering a 'coup de blues'. After that point, it appeared to get worse, much worse. First it was disenfranchised and disenchanted youth in the suburbs who took to the streets in the autumn ofburning cars and attacking police in 'riots' that had several countries issuing travel warnings for France.

Yet France is also a country struggling to mend social rifts between mainstream France and minority citizens born on French soil but who still feel excluded; a country unsure of how to successfully integrate new waves of immigrants from Africa, the Middle Free email dating sites and its European neighbours; a nation deeply conflicted about the future of the European Union, an institution it found.

The presidential mandate was california camp counselors dating clients to five years in ; Jacques Chirac, representing dating in newark nj centre-right UMP party, was re-elected to a second term of office in France is a republic, with a powerful president under whom serves a prime minister. Presidential elections are held every five years.

It is the president who chooses a prime minister, who in turn forms a government. The current government, headed by Prime New york times wnyc speed dating Dominique de Villepin, is formed around 17 separate ministries.

The French parliament is formed of two houses, the National Assembly and the Senate. Members of either house can propose new laws or amendments, which must hinge dating nz singletons menu approved by both houses. It is both legal and common for French politicians to hold more than one office at a time. The country is currently governed by the dating hendersonville tnebnet of the Fifth Republic, estab.

French voters will select a new president in Dating coach sf swag handbags 2019 ; voting is organised into start dating myself quotes about work friendships rounds. The first round on April 22 will narrow selection to the top two vote-getters; in the absence of an absolute majority, the second round on May 6 will select the president.

The predominant political questions of are: immigration policy; economic revival, specifically lowering the unemployment rate; law and order, particularly as regards to teenage delinquency and the threat of terrorism; and redefining a united Europe and France's role in that institution.

Introduction and buying power to its citizens. A political corruption scandal originating in the files of a company called Clearstream, and dubbed ''French Dating game serial killer pictures found in the bible, ultimately fizzled out but provided another embarrassing series of headlines in the international press.

And yet…France seems on the verge of a turnaround at the end ofits economy surprising analysts with a growth spurt, its football team very nearly pulling off a World Championship after having been virtually written off by sports commentators early in the competitionand the upcoming presidential election injecting both new ideas and sheer excitement in the air. But with the presidential campaign about to officially open season, the French are ready once again to debate solutions and to choose a head of state who, no matter which candidate wins, will lead France into a new era.

Will it be Nicolas Sarkozy with his talk of "La Rupture" and his challenge to France to turn her back on the generation of May ? France and the US are even back to being polite to each other after having coauthored the United Nations resolution imposing a ceasefire between Lebanese and Israeli troops.

Either way, for newcomers to France, will be a fascinating and historic time to learn about France and the French. France has a population of The regions have gained considerably in authority and.

The challenges remain and public opinion polls show the French are still prone to pessimism about the future and their role in it. While high levels of unemployment remain a chronic problem of the French economy, the current government has been making headway; the unemployment rate dropped to 8. Despite its battles with unemployment, France boasts one of the lowest poverty rates of any of the large world economies. The Regions of France The French are rightly very proud of the immense beauty and diversity of the country they live in.

With few exceptions, industrialisation has not scarred the land beyond limited pockets, and strong agricultural traditions have helped preserve the different characters of many regions. Despite this, France is a much centralised country, where all roads lead to Paris. The seats of power lie in the French capital, whether they be economic, those of education or public administration. The country's impressive modern transport infrastructure, notably the high-speed train links, has created many possibilities for professional mobility and greatly increased the attraction of rural regions once inaccessible for city dwellers.

Indeed, after decades of a reverse trend, there are now more people relocating to the countryside in France than are leaving it. Brittany, a land of seafaring tradition and still a centre of the fishing industry, is the Celtic region of France. Just as is the case for its coastal neighbour Normandy, and for the Loire Valley south and inland, tourism is a major source of revenue for this particularly popular holiday destination which yearly draws millions of French and foreigners alike, attracted by its picturesque and tidy coastline running several hundred kilometres.

Outside of the industrial ports, Brittany is turned over to agriculture, notably pig rearing and vegetable crops. Normandy is a more affluent region, with an arguably prettier countryside, and turned more towards Paris, with which it is considerably closer. Noted for its timbered and thatch-roofed houses, the countryside is dominated by dairy farms, home to many of France's best-known cheeses, notably Camembert.

Indeed, farming is large-scale, while the countryside is also dotted with the wellkept properties of Parisian owners, horsebreeding farms and horse-riding schools. It is a mix of small and large agricultural businesses, including fruit farming, wine growing and cereal production.

The larger industrial centres of the northwest region include the ports of Le Havre, Cherbourg, Brest and St. Administrative and academic centres include the Breton capital of Rennes, and the cities of Tours and Nantes. Traditional industries like shipbuilding are on the decline, and many of the modest agricultural businesses are increasingly struggling. The humid climate is largely affected by the Atlantic, with summer temperatures regularly reaching the high 20s Celsius, while winters are punctuated by sometimes fierce storms.

But nowadays, from the Nord to the Lorraine, many of the industrial sites have closed, leaving high unemployment. The region remains comparatively industrialised, retaining some traditional activities like chemical and car manufacturing and attracting new businesses like the production of electric appliances and office equipment.

Surrounding the urban pockets of Lille, Amiens, St. While Alsace is a distinctly Germanic region, the vine-coated Champagne region is as quintessentially French as one could imagine, with picture-postcard villages lining the Marne valley where sits its capital, Reims.

Both these inner regions are separated by the thickly forested hills of the vast Ardennes, which stretch out to Belgium. Closer to Paris is Picardie, a WW1 battlefront and now a land of peaceful, rolling fields and light industry, stretching up towards the Channel coast. To the south east are the Vosges mountains, centre of the country's wood industry.

Property here is among the cheapest in France but, with a weak and dwindling population, public services - notably medical care - are also the most inaccessible. Stretching north from the centre-east, from close to Lyon all the way up to within kilometres miles of Paris, is the huge Bourgogne, or Burgundy, a major wineproducing region containing some of France's prettiest, and oldest villages. The grand, historic city of Bordeaux, like the affluent, wine-producing region which surrounds it, lies along the Gironde estuary.

South from here begins the region of Les Landes, with an Atlantic coast of long, sandy beaches slapped by great rolling waves, lined by dunes and pine forests.

South and inland, from the picturesque. The Regions of France Dordogne marking the north, down to the equally stunning countryside of the Gers, in the south, is a land of legendary gastronomic tradition, home to the truffle and foie gras.

Further south, the flat, vineyard-stitched plains lead to Toulouse, a city whose pinkbricked buildings give it the name of the ville rose, home of Airbus which is assembled close by. A former textile centre, Lyon is a major industrial site and is the self-styled gastronomic capital of France.

It has lost weight in the power balance it once held against Paris, but it remains an important economic centre. The countryside is largely turned over to vineyards and fruit farms and the production of aromatic plants. This is a region. The ancient port of Marseille is a city in considerable social and economic decline, but with a uniquely proud, enduring and rich character.

It is the poor Mediterranean cousin of the Riviera bastions of Nice and Cannes, which attract an affluent cosmopolitan population, not least because the south-east department of the AlpesMaritime in which they lie is blessed with more sunshine than any in France.

North of the Riviera, lie the Alps, the site of Europe's highest mountain, the 4, metre-tall Mont Blanc. Montpellier has built up a vibrant economy and centres of technical and academic excellence.

The city has a major airport and is now also linked with Paris by the TGV train. If you've just arrived in France these are the essential things to quickly sort out, before ending up with needless hassle.

This is the guide to what to do and how. Most foreign nationals, including some EU citizens, who intend to stay more than three months in France must apply for a residence permit.

It is best to begin the process as soon as you arrive. If you intend buying property in France, you must consider beforehand how to go about finding a home, the time it will take to conclude a deal and what the legal costs will be. In almost all cases you will need to start paying into the French social security system, which manages the country's comprehensive welfare insurance, from healthcare to unemployment. Once you've found a home, the first thing is to get the electricity, water and gas turned on.

It's not a complicated task, but utilities companies are not all in the same place. Before long you may need to visit a dentist or a doctor. It is important to know how the French healthcare system works and to make sure you're properly covered. No-one likes thinking about tax, but as a resident you must pay tax on earnings from the moment you arrive.

Find out what you will have to declare, how and when. There are many things to know first about how the French property sales and rental markets compare.

French law requires you to be insured for your home before you move in, as well as for your car and civil liability. If you've decided to rent a home, you'll need to move fast in a market swamped with demand, paperwork and jargon. But following a modification to French law in Novemberresidence permits are no longer a legal requirement for nationals from the 14 states which, with France, made up the European Union prior to 1 May,nor for just two new member states, Cyprus and Malta.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Since May 1 however, France has introduced what it calls a 'progressive relaxation' of working restrictions and has published a list of 62 activities in which it deems workers to be in short supply.

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