What kind of version is Windows 7 on a Gateway brand?

What kind of version is Windows 7 on a Gateway brand

You are in the market to upgrade your current hardware, and you want to know what kind of version you have on your computer. You might be wondering if there is a different Windows version for each hardware manufacturer. The answer to this question is “it depends”. In fact, each operating system has been produced for specific hardware. The following describes the major manufacturers of Windows OSs, and their respective Windows versions.

Dell: This manufacturer produces both an Office and a laptop version of Windows. As it is a portable personal computer, it is not as durable as a gaming or media center operating system. You do have the choice of a DVD-based setup, or via a USB pen drive. However, like many of the aforementioned OSs, it comes with a limited security level. Vista users are out of luck, as this operating system does not come with it.

Gateway Brand: It is not technically a Windows operating system, but the software itself is Windows XP Home Edition.

It is designed to run as quickly as possible, using as little system resources as possible. For this reason, it is best for laptops or netbooks. Vista users are out of luck here, as this operating system will not work with them!

Microsoft Certified Systems (MCS): This is the most popular choice for Windows OSs, because it is free. It is also the de facto standard for laptop computers. For the most part, all laptops will be compatible with Microsoft’s MCS programs, as long as they were manufactured within a certain age range. Some manufacturers have added their own proprietary patches to allow Microsoft certification. These programs will also work with the majority of Windows systems.

IBM machines: IBM produces many of the most popular and widely used laptop computers. Like many IBM products, they are also on the frequent update list. Like Microsoft, they too use the Microsoft Certified System (MCS), so they will work with most any Windows version. However, they have not acquired the official support of Microsoft.

Apple Computers: Just as Apple computers are frequently updated, so are Windows systems.

Every new version of Windows will install better and newer versions of the operating system on new Macs, and vice versa. Your laptop could only run Windows XP for a while, but once you upgrade to Windows 7, it will automatically take over your previous setup. Apple also offers their own software programs that work well with Windows, like their iWork 2010 suite of products.

Acer laptops: Acer is another popular brand for producing high-quality laptops. Like many other name brands, Acer manufactures a number of different versions of Windows operating systems. The Aorus series is the most common design of this type of laptop. In fact, Acer has their own dedicated website for customers who would like to learn more about their product line and in which models they are compatible with. While some Aorus notebooks do not have the option for upgrading to Windows, many others are compatible and it is relatively easy to find one that will.

Compaq Laptop: One of the most well known brands with a Windows version is the Compaq laptop.

Many people like this company because they are known for making quality workscooters that are simple in design but have a good amount of power behind them. This is one of the main reasons why Windows users prefer these models. However, with many recent upgrades to its operating system, Compaq has started making Windows laptops again, and while they may not be the favorite choice of many Windows users, it is still a viable option if you can find one that will work. As long as your laptop comes with the proper drivers, you should be able to use it with any version of Windows.

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